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Social Media Master Class 2020

Transform yourself and accelerate your career. Join this intensive training that will improve your social media engagement and enhance further your digital presence to maximise ROI.


This Advanced Social Media Master Class is based on Middlesex University’s programme in Digital Marketing taught to managers that come to Dubai Campus from all over the world. The marketing paradigm has transformed with the rise of digital technologies. Organisations currently face a constant proliferation of social media channels, the growing power of connected customers and an explosion of new digital tools.

A successful social media strategy is considered to be a critical success factor for organisations and entrepreneurs working in any sector of the economy. To succeed, marketers must be able to plan, implement and measure the impact of social media strategies and integrate them with their traditional marketing and overall business goals. This Advanced Social Media Master Class will help participants understand the evolving landscape of social media and acquire a toolkit for delivering their own social media strategy


Who Should Attend

This is ideal for all content creators, advertising specialists, journalists, editors, social media managers, media professionals, content marketers, communications and PR, educators and web producers. Participants will receive a Certificate from Middlesex University Dubai. This event is limited to 25 seats.


About the Course Leader

Dr Evangelos Moustakas is a Professor of Marketing at Middlesex University in Dubai, and Head of the Centre of Innovation and Excellence. He has been teaching Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy and e-Commerce. He is the Founder of Alpha Media Digital Communications Corporation in Riyadh and Dubai. He develops social media strategies for organisations in Europe and the Middle East. He has authored a large number of research publications and presented his work at International Conferences. If you wish to know more about Dr Moustakas please visit:


The workshop will focus on hands-on exercises using pioneer processes and empower you in your digital transformation to:

  • Assess current trends using social listening tools
  • Audit your digital assets and identify digital opportunities
  • Set actionable and measurable social media objectives
  • Segment your audience and map customer journey
  • Produce effective content
  • Use suitable social media channels for different business goals and objectives
  • Develop successful social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Measure and optimise your social media campaigns