Enrolment and Module Registration
Enrolment and Module Registration

Online Enrolment

Enrolling at Middlesex University Dubai is a process by which an individual officially agrees to become a student at the University. This also indicates the student’s agreement to abide by the University’s policies and regulations.

Classes for the January 2023 intake start on:

  • New International Foundation Programme – Monday 16 January 2023
  • New Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes – Monday 16 January 2023

New students are able to complete their enrolment for January 2023 from Wednesday 4 January 2023.

For New Students

Why do I need to enrol?

Now you’ve completed your application, your online enrolment is the next step in your journey to becoming an official MDX Dubai student.

You need to enrol online to gain access to the student resources you’ll need during your studies such as myUniHub, Student Email, and your Campus User Account, which gives you access to Microsoft Teams, campus WiFi, your timetable and computer labs.

How do I enrol?

  • Go to myUniHub and login. In order to log in, you need your Student Email Account ID and Student Email Account Password to hand. These will be sent to you in separate emails.
  • When you have successfully logged in to myUniHub, you will see the ‘Enrol Here’ button. Click on this button to be taken to the ‘Getting Started’ page. Follow the simple steps on screen to complete your enrolment process. 
  • After you’ve confirmed your enrolment via myUniHub, you’ll receive further instructions about how to apply for your Student ID Card and complete other important IT processes.

How do I know I’m eligible to enrol?

Once you are eligible to enrol, you will be sent more information about the enrolment process. To ensure you are eligible to enrol, please make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements stated in your Conditional Offer Letter that you have received from your dedicated Admissions Counsellor.

As a reminder, please ensure to do the following to receive your Unconditional Offer Letter:

  1. Pay your initial tuition fee deposit
  2. Submit your Academic Documents (High School Transcript or Undergraduate Degree)
  3. Submit your English Language Certificate (if applicable)
  4. Submit a copy of your passport
  5. Submit a copy of your Emirates ID (if held/required)
  6. Submit a copy of your visa (if held/required)
  7. Submit your Recommendation Letter
  8. Submit your Personal Statement

If you have already completed the above steps, submitted the necessary documents, and have received an Unconditional Offer Letter from us, you will now be eligible to enrol from Wednesday 4 January 2023 and will receive an email with the next steps for enrolment soon.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to enrol, please connect with your Admissions Counsellor for guidance.

How can I get help with my enrolment?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Campus Central (formerly known as Student Office) by emailing [email protected] or by calling +971 (0)4 367 8100.

For Returning Students (Only Applies to September Intakes)

Returning students do not need to re-enrol for the January 2023 intake, as they already enrolled or re-enrolled in September at the start of the academic year.

When you re-enrol, you are officially registering to start your classes for the academic year. It is important that you re-enrol before the new academic year begins to access all the digital resources you need to join your classes in the next academic year.

How do I re-enrol?

There has been a change in how you can access UniHub to re-enrol. You can now log in to UniHub using your Student Email Account ID and Student Email Account Password. You no longer need to use your UniHub User ID.

  • To re-enrol online, go to unihub.mdx.ac.uk and log in to myUniHub using your Student Email Account details. 
  • You will then be taken to the ‘Getting Started’ page in myUniHub.
  • In the ‘Enrol Here’ section, you will be able to re-enrol online. Please follow all the on-screen steps to successfully complete your re-enrolment.
  • myUniHub will then confirm your successful enrolment once you have completed all the necessary steps.