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Set Yourself Apart with Middlesex University Dubai’s MSc in Data ScienceGain the cutting-edge analytical skills needed to thrive as a data scientist in a lucrative industry

Set Yourself Apart with Middlesex University Dubai’s MSc in Data ScienceGain the cutting-edge analytical skills needed to thrive as a data scientist in a lucrative industry

Data science continues to evolve as one of the most promising and in-demand career paths for skilled professionals. According to Forbes, data science and analytics has been one of the fastest-growing job roles of 2024, with a projected growth rate of 26% from 2021 to 2031. Data science provides meaningful insights that can influence business success. It is a multidisciplinary approach that combines principles and practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyse large amounts of data. The role of a data scientist is rapidly becoming a valuable position for any company that wishes to take full advantage of its data. Data science professionals are rewarded with competitive salaries and great job opportunities across industries.As data becomes more accessible, the demand for qualified data science professionals extends to all organisations regardless of their size. With the power to shape decisions, solve real-world challenges, and make a meaningful impact in diverse sectors, data science professionals can pursue various career options following their qualification. With Dubai aiming to transform into a smart hub, the city will continue to demand specialised skill sets such as coding and analytics. Middlesex University (MDX) Dubai is a well-respected institution with strong business ties in the UAE. We have a community of over 5,600 students encompassing over 120 different nationalities, creating a diverse global experience. MDX Dubai offers over 70 UK degree programmes and professional qualifications and stands out as a leader in British education.Our MSc Data Science programme in more detail The Middlesex University Dubai MSc Data Science Programme drives to strike a balance between strong theoretical deliveries, hands-on experience and acquisition of industrially relevant languages and packages. You will investigate theoretical concepts while gaining practical experience. Centred around core modules, this programme will provide you with an understanding of the methods, theories and techniques relevant to interactive visual data analysis, focused on principles and practices in visual data analysis design, implementation, and evaluation. You will gain experience in researching, designing, implementing, and evaluating your own visual analysis solutions, using data visualisation programming libraries, giving you the knowledge to support your future employment or research in data science, particularly visual analytics.There will be an in-depth emphasis on the tools and systems used for mining massive datasets covering; language R, a statistical learning language used to learn from data; and MapReduce, a programming model used to process big data sets and cloud computing systems. The programme will move onto the legal aspects of data science along with ethical and security requirements that underpin the technical processes and practice in big data. Data science leads to predictive analyses and insights into big data for businesses, healthcare organisations, governments and security services among others. The volume of data collected, stored and processed brings many concerns especially related to privacy, data protection, liability, ownership and licensing of intellectual property rights and information security. The course culminates in an individual project giving you the opportunity to use a combination of general research methods and project planning, execution, management, and evaluation, to apply an existing or emerging technology to the solution of a practical problem, or to contribute and extend the theoretical understanding of new and advancing technology and its application. You will enjoy time working in laboratories under the supervision of expert teaching staff, many of whom have worked in the industry and are leading experts in the area. You will be exposed to cutting-edge contemporary research activity within data science that will equip research-oriented students with the potential to pursue a research-based career, potentially going on to PhD study.Our course is offered on a part-time basis over two years or full time over one year, with flexible entry requirements. It is taught through a series of practical workshops as well as self-directed study and project-based learning. Students have the option to join in either the January or September intake. There will be no formal lectures as all course content will be embedded within workshop sessions. Specialist facilities have been developed on campus exclusively for this degree.The job role of a Data Scientist is now common and reflective of the increased industrial demand; the course itself is designed to cater to the specification of a Data Scientist. Reports show that machine learning, big data, and data science skills are highly in demand, creating a significant number of data-related jobs. Graduates of the programme will be well equipped for careers as a Data Scientists in a range of industries – both public and private sectors.Associate Professor and MSc Data Science course coordinator Dr Krishnadas Nanath, has this to say about the programme’s benefits: “What sets this programme apart is its comprehensive coverage of end-to-end data science, including in-depth technical concepts of AI and data science. From data engineering to AI algorithms and visual analytics, this programme prepares students for any role within the data science and AI domain. Students gain exposure to various platforms, including programming, low-code solutions, and cloud platforms, ensuring they are well-equipped for future roles. Additionally, the programme's strong industry connections and emphasis on practical applications provide students with real-world experience and insights, making them highly competitive in the job market."Career-Led Education with Industry ExposureAt MDX Dubai we are committed to bridging the gap between academia and industry through solid partnerships  and industry collaborations. These include Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Dell. Our faculty bring a wealth of industry experience and academic expertise, ensuring that you receive a top-class education that is both relevant and engaging. Study alongside an experienced cohort, made up of like-minded professionals who come from a wide range of countries and industry backgrounds, offering you the chance to exchange fresh perspectives, insights and ideas. We will enable you to unlock your full potential, providing extensive leadership.The advantages of this Master’s programme are plentiful; whether you are yet to embark on the career ladder, or have been working for some time, your commitment to undertaking this high level qualification will furnish you with many qualities and experiences that are attractive to employers, and set you up for positions at more senior levels. You will develop specialist knowledge and build your professional and personal network. Further study encourages flexibility and lifelong learning, and aids in your personal development by giving you a great knowledge base.More Than Academics: Celebrating a Diverse and Inclusive CommunityOur learning facilities are state-of-the-art, and you will study at the Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) campus in the heart of the city. Middlesex University Dubai’s campus is spread across Blocks 15, 16, 17 and 19, and serves as a dynamic educational hub nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Dubai. Our campus features dedicated spaces for workshops, seminars, and group discussions, facilitating hands-on learning and vibrant intellectual exchange. Our campus isn't just a physical space; it's a community of diverse learners, faculty, and professionals, all driven by a shared passion for knowledge and growth. Learning from the range of nationalities on campus can increase your awareness of career roles across the globe improving your employment prospects. Experience of these cultural differences that you are exposed to, will allow you to receive and share knowledge.As an MSc Data Science student, you will have full access to our Careers and Employability Services (CES). The CES hosts a range of events and workshops throughout the year to train students on key areas that contribute to their employability. Some of these include guest speaker sessions, networking sessions, career days, employability skills training workshops and one-on-one consultations. We have a dedicated team who have expertise across all MDX programmes and they will support you in MSc related job pathways and enhance your career prospects through our many company affiliations. For more detailed information see Events | Middlesex University Dubai ( Accessible EducationAt MDX Dubai we are committed to delivering a high-quality British education that meets market demands. Our students can qualify for various scholarships and professional study grants based on eligibility criteria. Flexible payment plans are offered to make a quality British education accessible to everyone.Apply for our next intake at MDX Dubai and take the first step towards evolving your career aspirations with a degree that promises both academic excellence and practical industry experience. Join MDX Dubai and become part of an inclusive and diverse community that nurtures growth, innovation, and success. Find out more detailed information about the MSc Data Science Programme at  MSc Data Science ( us at [email protected] on  +971 (0)4 3678100

New MBA with Daytime Delivery Offers Quality Degree for Young Business Professionals

New MBA with Daytime Delivery Offers Quality Degree for Young Business Professionals

Dubai stands at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, cultivating an environment of growth and creativity. The dynamic job market in Dubai offers abundant opportunities for skilled professionals seeking to advance their careers, and as a world business hub, Dubai is an unparalleled platform to launch business ventures. While the city flourishes, the competitive market is looking for skilled and qualified business professionals to lead at senior level. The Middlesex University (MDX) Dubai MBA (Daytime Delivery) can give you the advantage need to get ahead.Dubai continues to demonstrate economic resilience as its gross domestic product (GDP) experienced a strong growth of 3.3% in the period spanning January to September 2023, according to data released by the state news agency WAM. In this economic landscape, key sectors have been pivotal in driving growth. Accommodation and food services surged by 11.1%, highlighting the city's appeal as a global destination. Transportation and storage services contributed significantly with a growth of 10.9%.According to the International Trade Council (ITC), Dubai is widely recognised as the trade and tourism hub of the Gulf region. Dubai's economic momentum aligns with its strategic 10-year plan, known as D33, launched in January 2023. This ambitious initiative aims to double the size of Dubai's economy and position the city among the top four global cities within the next decade.In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, Master of Business Administration (MBA) holders have the competitive edge in the global job market. Completing an MBA demonstrates a commitment to learning, improving, and applying skills for success in any chosen career path. MBA graduates emerge with a greater sense of confidence in their abilities and are fully equipped to achieve their aspirations.An MBA is a graduate degree that provides theoretical and practical training for business or investment management. An MBA is designed to help you gain a better understanding of business management functions and can have a general focus, or a specific focus in fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, and international business.At MDX Dubai, our MBA (Daytime Delivery) Programme will provide you with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complexities of modern business environments and fulfill your career ambitions, without needing to gain multiple years of work experience first.The MBA Daytime Delivery at Middlesex University DubaiMDX Dubai is the largest UK university in Dubai based on enrolments, as released in the KHDA open data report 2023-2024. The University a global, career-focused institution with a welcoming and diverse community. Our home campus is in London, and all our degree programmes are designed and accredited in the UK. Our MBA (Daytime Delivery) programme has been designed especially for recent graduates and ambitious professionals. Taught between 8AM and 5PM throughout the week, the daytime delivery format allows you to maintain your academic momentum whilst preparing you for direct entry into the job market. Our MBA creates highly employable and successful graduates who are able to secure a variety of global career opportunities, and the accessible programme allows you to transition directly from your undergraduate studies without needing any prior work experience. Unlike many other MBA programmes that typically require a minimum of three years of professional experience, our programme stands out as a more immediate option for advancing your education and career.This innovative programme can be taken as full-time over one year or part-time over two years. You can tailor your programme to your career aspirations by choosing one of our specialist pathways which include Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Marketing, Business Analytics, Healthcare Management, Operations with Supply Chain Management and a general pathway.Throughout the programme you will study a variety of core modules which will cover the knowledge and skills in key areas of business. You will gain a theoretical understanding of financial management and economics and examine the interrelationships between key factors in the economic environment. You will understand commercial organisations and their interrelationships in the economic environment. You will also learn to evaluate the impact of changes in economic environments and how they affect organisational decision making and performance. Following the core modules, you will focus on your chosen pathway and gain in-depth knowledge and exposure on your specialist subject.Our curriculum is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required in today’s competitive business world. We focus on real world applications with hands on experience, allowing you as a graduate to make a real impact in your chosen field. Our programme provides unrivalled access to a thriving business ecosystem in Dubai and beyond allowing opportunities for professional growth in a vibrant, multicultural environment. Our faculty members bring a wealth of industry experience and expertise ensuring the best academic journey. We deliver a multitude of experimental learning experiences from consulting projects, internships or global immersions - providing enriching experiences outside of the classroom, you will gain hands on experience and build a strong professional network along the way. Mariam Aslam, Campus Programme Coordinator of the MBA Daytime Delivery Programme said: “Undertaking this innovative MBA will equip you with the much-desired skills employers look for in the world of business. Offering a wide range of specialist tracks, this comprehensive programme gives you the competitive advantage and provides unrivalled access to a unique business ecosystem in Dubai and beyond.  With our many industry affiliations, you will experience exceptional professional opportunities throughout allowing a direct transition from your UG studies.”The MDX MBA Regional Project offers you the opportunity to a develop global perspective of key management issues.  The one-week project is designed as an intensive group learning experience, aimed at developing and applying skills needed to critically examine a challenging global issue and the interrelationships between the global and local business environments.  Whilst studying the Daytime MBA, you will partake in a regional trip where you will be introduced to industry best practices across multiple sectors and undertake guided field research that will be valuable for both your personal and professional development.Career-Led Education with Industry ExposureAt MDX Dubai we are committed to bridging the gap between academia and industry through solid partnerships and industry collaborations. You will benefit from long-standing connections through bespoke learning programmes, mentorship programmes and work placements. Companies such as IBM, ORACLE, Microsoft and CIM are just a few of the organisations that engage with you, providing insights and career opportunities.Your personal and professional development is central to the MBA. Throughout the programme you will have the opportunity to engage with a range of ‘Applied Learning Experiences’ and ‘Executive Skills Development’ workshops that will support you in identifying your own individual strengths and areas for development in terms of your leadership capabilities and wider professional effectiveness. These organised sessions provide the basis for your year-long Personal and Professional Development module that aims to support your growth towards your career aspirations.Our dedicated Careers and Employability Services (CES) Department ensures that all our students are guided towards a rewarding and dynamic professional path. CES provides a range of services including career guidance, expert career counselling, industry insights, internships, and employment prospects, among many others. As an MBA Daytime Delivery student, we recommend that you make use of the one-to-one appointments where we can review your employment history and highlight any possible gaps in work experience, with a customised approach in order to secure your best employment opportunities. We are here to review your resume, to assess suitability for both the UAE and the global job market, and we can provide support in job applications along with any future interviews. We also offer a “Careers Kit” Service, which includes resume and cover letter formats, best practices for interviews and preparation techniques.World-Class Global MBA Study HubOur learning facilities are state-of-the-art, and our purpose designed global MBA Study Hub is located at our Dubai International Academic City (DIAC): the largest education hub in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) bringing together leading international and regional universities and attracting students from all over the world. Boasting professional learning zones and cutting-edge study spaces, our Global MBA Study Hub provides the perfect setting if you are pursuing a career in global business.More Than Academics: Celebrating a Diverse and Inclusive CommunityAt MDX we give you the opportunity to study alongside like-minded individuals, giving you the chance to expand your personal and professional network, in a diverse, inclusive community. We welcome over 5,600 students from across 120+ different nationalities, meaning you get the opportunity to form relationships with connections from all over the world. These connections not only form life-long friendships, but will provide an industry advantage as you move into leadership positions within the business world. You will also gain a better understanding of global culture, beliefs and regulations giving you a further edge against competitors. Ensuring Accessible EducationAt MDX Dubai we are committed to delivering a high-quality British education that meets market demands. Our students can qualify for various scholarships and professional study grants based on eligibility criteria. Flexible payment plans are offered to make a quality British education accessible to everyone.Apply for our next intake at MDX Dubai and take the first step towards achieving your career aspirations with a degree that promises both academic excellence and practical industry experience. Join MDX Dubai and become part of an inclusive and diverse community that nurtures growth, innovation, and success. Find out more detailed information about the MDX Dubai MBA (Daytime Delivery) - MBA Daytime Delivery Programme.

Collaborating for a Greener Future: Emirates Park Zoo and MDX Dubai Sign MoU

Collaborating for a Greener Future: Emirates Park Zoo and MDX Dubai Sign MoU

Middlesex University (MDX) Dubai is excited to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Emirates Park Zoo & Resort (EPZR) on 2 July 2024. This MoU, signed by Dr Waleed Shaaban, CEO of EPZR; and Professor Cedwyn Fernandes, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Middlesex University and Director at Middlesex University Dubai, marks a significant step towards a shared vision of environmental stewardship and academic excellence.Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, inaugurated in 2007 as Abu Dhabi’s premier private zoo, stands as a beacon of conservation and education in the region. Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and a full member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), EPZR plays a pivotal role in safeguarding endangered species and promoting biodiversity. This partnership aims to explore opportunities in areas of mutual interest, particularly in enhancing environmental, biodiversity, and wildlife education, research, and conservation. The MoU will also pave the way for stronger ties for joint events, guest lectures, and student internships.Dr Waleed Shaaban, Group CEO of Emirates Park Zoo & Resort, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “As we embark on this collaborative journey with Middlesex University Dubai, our shared vision is to forge new paths in research and conservation. Through joint initiatives, such as our ongoing 'Learning in the Educational Bee Experience Program,' we aim to advance scientific knowledge and proof of what we do in education conservation. Together, Emirates Park Zoo and Middlesex University Dubai can build capacity in wildlife research, foster community engagement, and promote conservation based on scientific approaches ensuring a better future for wildlife and our planet”.Professor Cedwyn Fernandes highlighted the synergy between the two institutions: “There is a significant synergy between Middlesex University Dubai and Emirates Park Zoo and Resort in the areas of environmental conservation, research, and education. This collaboration underscores the critical role of the youth in fostering environmental and biodiversity protection, empowering them to lead initiatives that ensure the sustainability of our natural resources for future generations.”Sony Sreejith, Lecturer at Middlesex University Dubai, who played a key role in establishing the partnership, added: “This collaboration will contribute substantially to the conservation efforts within the UAE, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of biodiversity among the youth. Also, this collaboration has inspired us to launch a 'Biodiversity Conservation' club at MDX later this year, that will engage students more deeply in the field and provide them with practical experiences through internships”

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