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    Evening – 6:30PM – 9:30PM | Monday – Friday
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    Programme Leaders
    Professor Cody Morris Paris PhD Mariam Aslam MSc FHEA
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    AED 110,800 Per Year*All Tuition Fees Inclusive of Vat


The Middlesex Executive MBA programme is designed for business professionals seeking to prepare for leadership and transformative roles in global business. Our specialist pathways of offer you the opportunity to tailor the programme to your area of expertise.

Dubai is an ambitious global center for business and innovation. The vibrant business landscape in Dubai offers a unique learning environment for professionals to examine contemporary challenges and emerging opportunities within a complex international context.  

If you are eager to broaden your horizons, expand your professional network, equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the next stage of your career, then our Executive MBA programme is what you are looking for.


World-Class Faculty

Learn from renowned experts and thought leaders who are at the forefront of their fields. Our faculty members bring a wealth of industry experience and academic expertise, ensuring that you receive a top-notch education that is both relevant and engaging.

Diverse Global Perspectives

Your experienced cohort will be made up of like-minded professionals who come from a wide range of countries and industry backgrounds, offering you the chance to exchange fresh perspectives, insights and ideas.

Tailor Your MBA Towards Your Career Ambitions

With our 8 specialist pathways you have the opportunity to focus your MBA on specific areas of interest, with option to specialise in Finance, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Marketing, Business Analytics, Healthcare Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management or our general pathway.

Enhance Your Leadership and Executive Skills

We will support you in unlocking your full potential by providing extensive leadership and executive skill development throughout your Executive MBA programme enabling you to take the concepts, theories and solutions you have learned in the classroom directly to your workplace.

Balance Your Work & Study

Our Executive MBA programme is designed to fit around other commitments such as work and family with our evening delivery format. This means you can keep your career on track whilst you invest in yourself and advancing your career.

International Experience

The Executive MBA International Project offers you the opportunity to a develop global perspective of key management issues. During this one-week project you will develop and apply skills needed to critically examine a challenging global issue and the interrelationships between the global and local business environments.

EMBA Specialist Pathway

Choose a tailored pathway to suit your career goals and objectives!


EMBA General


EMBA - Project Management


EMBA - Healthcare Management


EMBA - Finance


EMBA - Marketing


EMBA - Operations and Supply Chain Management


EMBA - Innovation and Entrepreneurship


EMBA - Business Analytics


The Executive MBA programme consists of six taught modules (20 credits each) and a 60-credit Capstone project. There are four core modules which are consistent across all MBA pathways, focusing on essential competencies crucial for business professionals. You will also complete two pathway/optional modules. All students also participate in a vibrant co-curricular programme of executive skill development workshops and applied learning experiences through the Personal and Professional Development module.

Core Modules

This module aims to develop your practical understanding of strategic decision-making and innovation management, and to lay the foundation for ongoing development of strategic thinking through-out your professional or entrepreneurial careers. In this module you will critically examine the challenges and opportunities presented by technological advancements, market shifts, and global trends. You will also examine the role of innovation in crafting, analysing, and executing business strategies, and how innovation affects firms’ performance within evolving markets and industries. Through this examination, this module will prepare you with the capabilities to formulate and implement strategies that drive organisational success and adaptation in rapidly changing environments.

The module aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to become an effective strategic leader who can inspire, motivate, and guide teams towards achieving collective goals, while also emphasising ethical considerations and the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership roles. This module is designed to develop a deep understanding of leadership theories and their practical application in various organisational contexts. Through exploring historical and contemporary leadership models, you will learn to critically analyse strategic leadership practices and their impact on organisational culture and change.

This module aims to equip you with knowledge, skills, and analytical abilities in financial and economic analysis, providing a comprehensive foundation for strategic decision-making in complex business environments. The module focuses on both theoretical principles and practical applications, fostering a deep understanding of how financial and economic factors interplay and influence organisational dynamics.

This module is designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of marketing management within the evolving digital landscape. It emphasises the creation and implementation of sustainable marketing strategies that enable businesses, both in B2B and B2C contexts, to achieve a competitive edge. Through a strategic and managerial lens, the course delves into the importance of customer-centric approaches in navigating the complexities of rapidly changing digital environments and fostering organisational growth.

This module aims to empower you to apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the MBA programme to undertake a significant research-based project that aligns with your professional interests and career aspirations. Your final Capstone Project may be a consultancy project, an entrepreneurship project, or an applied research project. The Capstone Project is a crucial part of your MBA programme that represents the culmination of your learning experience. Overall, this module will enhance your ability to conduct independent research and prepare you for the next phase of your professional journey.

This module aims to support your professional development by critically reflecting on your current competencies and experiences. Through Applied Learning Experiences (ALEs) and Executive Skill Development (ESDs) workshops, you will engage in a transformative process, fostering a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas for development. This reflective journey is aimed at enhancing your leadership, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills, essential for navigating the complexities of today’s global business world.  Additionally, this module will enhance your interpersonal and communication skills, vital for leadership and collaboration. By the end of this module, you will have created a personalised development plan, equipping you with the insights and strategies needed for your continued growth as an executive.

This module aims to foster an immersive and experiential learning experience. This module is based on an immersive field experience and consulting-style project. You will collaborate in teams, engage in fieldwork, and apply your comprehensive knowledge and skills acquired during your MBA to address a practical organisational or sectoral challenge. The global business immersion project will require you to engage as a part of a team in field research, employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and craft actionable strategies within a limited timeframe. The module culminates in a professional presentation of the findings and recommendations.

Pathway Modules

Students choose any two modules from the pathway modules, provided that this does not lead to a named area of emphasis. Some combinations may not be feasible due to timetabling restrictions.

The Project Management pathway equips students with the essential skills, methodologies, and best practices required for effective project planning, execution, and completion.  Students will study the following two modules:

This module aims to introduce you to the principles and practices of project management. You will gain an understanding of what project management encompasses and how it can be integrated into business strategy, structure, and management. The course explores the requirements to become a project manager, including dealing with the triple constraints of time, cost, and scope and a range of other associated hard and soft skills for project planning and management.  The module will develop your understanding of project management processes and knowledge areas including project initiation, project planning, controlling and monitoring a project, as well as properly closing a project – all necessary for successful project execution.

This module aims to equip you with a practical understanding of industry-standard applied and analytical approaches to strategic project portfolios and individual project management. Through case scenarios and hands-on practice using project management software applications, you will apply tools and techniques for project selection, and decision analyses & visualisation for project planning and management tasks such as scheduling, budgeting, resourcing allocation, and data-driven quality assurance and control. The module also explores the application of systems theory, and agile and lean methodologies to improve strategic project portfolio and individual project outcomes.

This pathway provides you with the theoretical and practical insights required to face the modern challenges of the business of healthcare.

This module aims to explore the dynamics of performance excellence in the healthcare business. It focuses on how healthcare organisations can navigate the complexities of regulatory changes, intense competition, and significant technological and industry shifts to maintain a competitive edge. Emphasising the application of business management tools, the curriculum prepares you to tackle challenges in the health sector, fostering an environment conducive to continuous quality improvement and efficiency enhancement from both providers' and patients' perspectives.

This module aims to equip you with an understanding of the challenges healthcare executives face in managing health information systems. It emphasises the importance of health information exchange, big data, artificial intelligence and their influence on healthcare industry dynamics. You will explore innovative practices in healthcare information management, focusing on enhancing care quality while reducing costs through technological and process optimisations. The curriculum is designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging continuous innovation and improvement in healthcare settings.

The Finance specialisation provides a deeper understanding of financial issues in the workplace. You will study the following two modules:

This module aims to develop your understanding of international finance and risk management, focusing on strategic frameworks for financial and risk decisions in global contexts. It covers the operations and instruments of foreign exchange, bond, and offshore financial markets, alongside international finance theories and empirical evidence. You will learn about financial risks like interest rate and currency risks, and their management methods. The course also explores the use of financial derivatives for hedging and provides an overview of the Islamic financial system.

This module aims to develop your understanding of financial theories and their application in addressing practical challenges associated with financial decision-making. The module focuses on both conventional and contemporary issues impacting a firm’s value and shareholder wealth. Central to this module is the exploration of financial decision-making and valuation through the lens of responsible business practices, emphasising ethical considerations and sustainability in finance. The curriculum aims to equip you with the analytical tools and knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions that contribute to long-term business success.  

The Marketing pathway focuses on providing you with an in-depth understanding of marketing issues. You will study the following two modules:

This module aims to equip you with the strategic skills and knowledge essential for managing and elevating brands in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. The module fosters a critical understanding of brand management as a strategic asset within the corporate framework, integrating emerging branding concepts and the latest theoretical developments. You will explore how brands influence and shape consumer experiences through advanced storytelling and shared narrative techniques to foster and sustain brand value. You will also develop a nuanced understanding of brand management's cultural, societal, and ethical dimensions, equipping you with the ability to navigate complex global markets.

This module aims to equip you with a practical understanding of digital marketing strategies and tactics. The module will bridge the gap between marketing theory and the practical application of digital tools, analytics, and strategies necessary for businesses to achieve competitive advantage in today’s digital-first world. By exploring current trends, technological advancements, and data-driven marketing techniques, students will be prepared to design, implement, and manage comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that effectively engage and convert audiences across various digital platforms.

This pathway is focused towards providing you with a deeper understanding of how operations and logistics contribute towards improving efficiency, responsiveness and profitability of an organisation. You will study the following two modules:

This module aims to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of how global operations and supply chain management contribute to the strategic success of organisations worldwide. Through this module, you will explore the complexities and challenges of managing operations in a global context. Students will gain insights into best practices for designing, implementing, and managing efficient and effective global supply chains, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions that improve operational efficiency and competitive advantage of firms in the global marketplace.

This module aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the role of innovation, analytics, and technology in modern supply chain management. It focuses on how these elements drive efficiency, sustainability, and competitive advantage in global supply chains. The module will cover emerging trends in supply chain technology, the application of analytics for decision-making, and the integration of innovative practices for enhanced supply chain performance. Students will learn to leverage these tools to address complex supply chain challenges in a rapidly evolving business environment.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship pathway provides an insight reflecting the pioneering and avant-garde spirit of the UAE and the region where SMEs, Family Business and Free Zones are common. You will study the following two modules:

This module aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship within the context of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), recognising the distinct challenges and opportunities they face. Emphasising innovation, agility, and strategic planning, this module prepares you to navigate and thrive in dynamic and challenging business environments. Through this module, you will acquire the knowledge and skills essential for effective entrepreneurial activity and management in the SME sector, fostering sustainable success and growth.

This module aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship within the context of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), recognising the distinct challenges and opportunities they face. Emphasising innovation, agility, and strategic planning, this module prepares you to navigate and thrive in dynamic and challenging business environments. Through this module, you will acquire the knowledge and skills essential for effective entrepreneurial activity and management in the SME sector, fostering sustainable success and growth

The Business Analytics pathway provides an insight into the skills, technologies and practices for continuous exploration and investigation into past business performance, and how to drive business planning. Students will study the following two modules:

This module aims to develop your understanding of research methodologies and data analysis, with a particular emphasis on the practical applications of contemporary applied econometrics.  The module will equip you with the understanding and skills to effectively collect data, and utilise, communicate, and interpret statistical information to address a wide range of business and management challenges. Additionally, the module will enhance your analytical capabilities as you will develop proficiency in employing relevant computational software packages. 

This module aims to equip you with a practical understanding of Data Science, preparing you to contribute effectively as a member of a Data Science team across various analytics projects in diverse business verticals. The module aims to create a vendor-neutral environment, enabling you to develop a business analytics mindset that can be applied to any technological environment and within a range of business domains including Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, and more. This module will enhance your analytical capabilities from foundational Business Intelligence to advanced data modelling techniques, thereby equipping you with the skills to meet the demands of contemporary data-driven business environments.

Please Note:

Both core and optional modules are constantly updated and reviewed. A module may change or may not be offered a particular academic year, for reasons such as too few students choose that particular module or the module requires academic review. Middlesex University Dubai reserves the right to vary or withdraw any course or module at any time.


Throughout your programme, you will have an opportunity to engage in a range of Executive Skill Development workshops and Applied Learning Experiences designed to support you in identifying your own professional competencies and develop your capabilities to be an effective leader. Through a vibrant co-curricular programme, you will enhance your existing managerial and leadership skills, reflect upon your prior experiences, deepen your strategic thinking, and learn about advanced tools for tackling complex organisational challenges.

The culmination of your programme is the Capstone Project, which provides you the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the programme to address a particular organisational challenge, explore the feasibility of a new business idea, or undertake cutting-edge research. Your Capstone project can take the form of a Consultancy project, an Entrepreneurship project, or an Applied Research project. All students are encouraged to shape their capstone around an area of professional interests and will be guided by a supervisor and supported by a series of dedicated capstone workshops.

This project immerses students in global management issues through an intensive one-week project. This experiential learning experience enhances the development of critical skills necessary to analyse complex global challenges and the dynamic interplay between global and local business landscapes. For over fifteen years, the programme has included International Field Trips to Paris or Milan, providing students with a unique experiential learning opportunity. These trips allow participants to engage directly with industry best practices in the luxury retail sector and conduct guided fieldwork in the luxury fashion, retail, and beauty industries.

Careers hub

Career Support

As an Executive MBA student, you will have full access to our Careers and Employability Services. Whether you are pursuing an MBA to accelerate progression in your current industry or you wish to make a transition, our Careers team will provide support and resources to support you on your MBA journey.


MBA Professional Faculty

Cody Morris Paris PhD

Professor Cody Morris Paris PhD

Deputy Director of Research & Business

Head of the Business School

Mariam Aslam MSc FHEA

Mariam Aslam MSc FHEA

Senior Lecturer

Campus Programme Leader - MBA

Ajit Karnik PhD

Professor Ajit Karnik PhD

Professor of Economics

Pallavi Kishore SFHEA FCCA UAECA

Dr Pallavi Kishore SFHEA FCCA UAECA

Head of Accounting and Finance

Campus Programme Coordinator - Undergraduate and Postgraduate Accounting and Finance

Associate Professor

Sreejith Balasubramanian FHEA

Dr Sreejith Balasubramanian FHEA

Associate Professor

Chair, Office of Research

Head & Founder: Centre for Supply Chain Excellence

Krishnadas Nanath

Dr Krishnadas Nanath

Associate Professor

Deputy Head of CEI

Campus Programme Coordinator – Postgraduate Computer Engineering and Informatics

Head & Founder: Insights Lab

Vijay Pujari FCIM SFHEA

Dr Vijay Pujari FCIM SFHEA

Senior Lecturer

Campus Programme Coordinator - MSc Strategic Marketing and MSc Corporate and Marketing Communications

Campus Programme Coordinator - MSc Digital Marketing



Senior Lecturer

Campus Programme Coordinator - Undergraduate Business Management and International Business

Andrew Mackenzie MBA SFHEA

Andrew Mackenzie MBA SFHEA

Senior Lecturer

Head of Institute of Sustainable Development

Nitin Simha Vihari Poluru

Dr Nitin Simha Vihari Poluru

Senior Lecturer in HRM

Campus Programme Coordinator - MA Human Resource Management and Development

Mohammad Meraj MBA PGCHE EFQM Assessor

Mohammad Meraj MBA PGCHE EFQM Assessor

Lecturer in Business

Deputy Director Academic Professional Services & Quality

Supriya Kunnath Kaitheri FHEA

Dr Supriya Kunnath Kaitheri FHEA

Senior Lecturer

Campus Programme Coordinator - MA International Business Management

Rhoderick Romano PGCHE MBA

Rhoderick Romano PGCHE MBA

Senior Lecturer

Rashita Puthiya CA SFHEA

Rashita Puthiya CA SFHEA

Senior Lecturer Accounting and Finance


Our Dubai Knowledge Park campus serves as a dynamic educational hub nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Dubai. Our state-of-the-art campus features dedicated spaces for workshops, seminars, and group discussions, facilitating hands-on learning and vibrant intellectual exchange.

Our campus isn't just a physical space; it's a community of diverse learners, faculty, and professionals, all driven by a shared passion for knowledge and growth. 

Careers hub

Executive MBA Programme Delivery

Our Executive MBA programme will be delivered at our Dubai Knowledge Park campus during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

Our teaching methodology revolves around active engagement, placing you at the heart of your learning experience. You'll participate actively in various learning, teaching, and assessment methods within small group settings.

A key highlight of our Executive MBA programme is its diverse learning approach, incorporating formal lectures, case study analyses, guided and independent research, workshops, debates, student presentations, simulations, and role-playing exercises. We employ a range of techniques to enhance both your cognitive and practical skills while assessing your grasp of fundamental concepts and theoretical knowledge. Group projects further cultivate your teamwork abilities, providing a realistic organisational context to refine your interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities.



Academic Requirements

  • Applicants will normally be expected to have two or more years of relevant business experience and hold at least a second-class honours degree from a UK university or a degree of equivalent standard.
  • Holders of graduate-level professional qualifications may also be admitted and are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants who do not possess either an honours degree or professional qualifications are also considered, but normally only if they supply a GMAT score of at least 550 points.

Candidates not meeting any of these requirements may be considered for admission where there is strong supporting education or experience.  All such cases will be at the discretion of the MBA Programme Leader.


All programmes at Middlesex University Dubai are taught in English and applicants with previous education outside of English-speaking countries (such as the UK, the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand), must demonstrate English language proficiency as follows:

English Language Test Entry Requirement
IELTS Academic 6.0 (minimum 5.5 in each band)
TOEFL Internet-based 87 (21 in listening & writing, 22 in speaking and 23 in reading)
Pearson PTE Academic 58

Additionally, students with the following qualifications may be considered as having met the English language requirements:

English Language Entry Requirement
GCSE/1GCSE/0-Level English (as a first or second language) Grade C  / Grade 4 or Higher
CBSE/ISC Boards/NI0S/Most State Boards Minimum Grade Of 70% in English
International Baccalaureate Minimum Grade 5 in English A1 (Standard or Higher Level) in IB or a minimum of Grade 5 in English B (Higher Level)

MBA Overview





1 Year Full Time

2 Year Part Time


Evening – 6:30PM – 9:30PM | Monday – Friday

Programme Leaders

Professor Cody Morris Paris PhD

Mariam Aslam MSc FHEA


AED 110,800 Per Year

*All Tuition Fees Inclusive of Vat


Connect with our dedicated MBA Admissions Specialists to find out more about starting your Executive MBA, and receive dedicated advice and guidance tailored to your academic, and professional experience.

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