Student Visa

Laws in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) require all non-national students to obtain a Student Visa for the duration of their studies. Middlesex University Dubai provides Students Visas for applicants studying on any of our academic programmes.

Student visas are issued for duration of 12 months at a time; hence an undergraduate student may require 2 or 3 renewals during their course of study at Middlesex University Dubai.

The procedure for applying for a Student Visa cannot commence until you have accepted your Offer of Admission, cleared all academic conditions (if any) and paid your tuition fees along with the Student Visa Charges outlined below. The process normally takes 15-20 days and typically applications undergo a security check by UAE government authorities (which may occasionally result in delays beyond the control of Middlesex University Dubai). You are advised to apply as early as possible if you require a Student Visa.

Find out more by writing to us on [email protected] or on +971 (0)4 367 1682, alternatively you can Whatsapp us for enquiries on whatsapp.png