Staff Profile

Dr Krishnadas Nanath

  • ROLE:Associate Professor, Deputy Head of CEI, Campus Programme Coordinator – Postgraduate Computer Engineering and Informatics, Head & Founder: Insights Lab
  • CONTACT:04-3693965
  • EMAIL:[email protected]


Dr. Krishnadas Nanath is the Deputy Head of Computer Engineering and Informatics department at Middlesex University Dubai and an Associate Professor of Data Science. He is also the founder of Middlesex Insights Lab- an applied data analytics hub that brings industry expertise and datasets for the analytics community in the region. In his previous role at Majid Al Futtaim (MAF), he was responsible for leading the efforts of enhancing Analytics and Data Science capabilities as part of the School of Analytics & Technology. He features in the list of top academic data leaders of the world published by CDO Magazine (MIT Sloan). He received his PhD from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM K) and his thesis covered the areas of Green IT (Sustainability Analytics) and Cloud Computing. He has extensive teaching experience in the areas of Data Science, Cloud Computing, Social Media Analytics, and MIS with Middlesex University, IMT, and IIM Indore. He has executed several corporate training programs and Data Science consulting assignments with several firms in the UAE (PWC, Landmark Group, National Bank of Fujairah, UAE Exchange, Emirates NBD, DAMAC Properties, and others). As a renowned Keynote Speaker, Dr. Nanath has addressed prestigious forums such as Gitex Technology Week, Wonderland AI, IIM Ahmadabad Data Science Summit, and many others. 

  • Ph.D. Information Systems & Technology (MIS), Indian Institute of Management (IIM K)
  • B.Tech Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Amrita School of Engineering
Membership of professional bodies and associations
  • IEEE
  • Association of Information Systems (AIS)
  • Academy of Management
Awards and achievements
  • Amazon Educate Cloud Ambassador Award: Amazon Faculty grant for his contribution to cloud computing and big data analytics ( )
  • Sustainability Researcher of the year Award -From Dr. Rashid Alleem (Chairman SEWA):
  • Microsoft Azure Research Fund Award: Awarded research fund access by Microsoft for conducting research on cloud computing.
  • Outstanding Mentor Award by HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan: Invited panel member by Emirates Foundation for Think Science 2014.
  • AIMS International Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation  Award (2014)
  • GSTF (Singapore) PhD Fellow -Chosen as exceptional PhD Student by Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF), Singapore.
  • International PhD Student Competition Award (Australia)- Selected as one among the top 12 PhD Students worldwide to attend a forum on the future of management in the 21st Century in Adelaide, Australia.
  • Wings of Excellence Award 2012 (Switzerland)- Research paper on “Risk Management in Sustainability” was chosen among best papers across the globe and invited to attend St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland.
  • SAS Ambassador Award (USA). Research paper titled “Designing a Grid Computing Architecture: A case study of Green Computing selected in World top TEN at SAS Global Forum.
  • Emerald Indian LIS Research Fund Award (Highly Commended) for the research proposal on Sustainability.

Selected Publications
  • Nanath, K., & Olney, L. (2023). An investigation of crowdsourcing methods in enhancing the machine learning approach for detecting online recruitment fraud. International Journal of Information Management Data Insights, 3(1), 100167.
  • Nanath, K., Balasubramanian, S., Shukla, V., Islam, N., & Kaitheri, S. (2022). Developing a mental health index using a machine learning approach: Assessing the impact of mobility and lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Technological forecasting and social change, 178, 121560.
  • Nanath, K., & Joy, G. (2023). Leveraging Twitter data to analyze the virality of Covid-19 tweets: a text mining approach. Behaviour & Information Technology, 42(2), 196-214.  
  • Nanath, K., Kaitheri, S., Malik, S., & Mustafa, S. (2022). Examination of fake news from a viral perspective: an interplay of emotions, resonance, and sentiments. Journal of Systems and Information Technology, 24(2), 131-155.  
  • Nanath, K., & Radhakrishna Pillai, R. (2021). Towards a framework for sustaining Green IT initiatives: an empirical investigation. Information Technology and Management, 22(3), 193-206.
  • Nanath, K., & Ajit Kumar, S. (2021). The role of communication medium in increasing e-waste recycling awareness among higher educational institutions. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 22(4), 833-853.  
  • Nanath, K., Sajjad, A., & Kaitheri, S. (2022). Decision-making system for higher education university selection: Comparison of priorities pre-and post-COVID-19. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, 14(1), 347-365.
  • Nanath, K., & Ahmed, N. (2021). A Framework for Cyber-Security Eco-System in the Middle East: A study in the SME context. Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility (2021): 511-536
  • Nanath, K, and Pillai, R. (2020). "Individual and organizational factors affecting the implementation of Green IT: A case study of an Indian business school." The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries (2020): e12163.
  • Nanath, K., & Ahmed, M. (2021). User-Centric Evaluation of Recommender Systems: A literature review. International Journal of Business Information Systems (In Press).
  • Nanath, K., & Pillai, R. R. (2017). The influence of green IS practices on competitive advantage: mediation role of green innovation performance. Information Systems Management, 34(1), 3-19. 
  • Srivastava, J., & Nanath, K. (2017). Adoption of Cloud Computing in UAE: A Survey of Interplay Between Cloud Computing Ecosystem and its Organizational Adoption in UAE. International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector (IJISSS), 9(4), 1-20
  • Nanath, K., & Pillai, R. (2014), " Green Information Technology: Literature Review and Research Domains", Journal of Management Systems, 24(1), 57-79.  
  • Nanath, K., & Pillai, R. (2013). "A Model for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cloud Computing". Journal of International Technology & Information Management, 22(3), 93-117.  
  • Moorthy, J., Lahiri, R., Biswas, N., Sanyal, D., Ranjan, J., Nanath, K., & Ghosh, P. (2015). Big Data: Prospects and Challenges. Vikalpa: The journal for Decision Makers, 40(1), 74-96
  • Pillai, R. R., Kumar, A., & Nanath, K. (2015). Role of Self-managing Leadership in Crisis Management: An Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of Rajayoga. IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review, 4(1), 15-37.
  • Nanath, K., & Pillai, R. R. (2014). "Information Systems Flexibility for Green Technologies". In Organisational Flexibility and Competitiveness (pp. 181-195). Springer India. 

Faculty Members

Santhosh Menon
Santhosh Menon
Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics
Dr Maha Saadeh FHEA
Dr Maha Saadeh FHEA
Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics
Madhumita Das M.Tech FHEA
Madhumita Das M.Tech FHEA
Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics
Dr Fehmida Hussain SFHEA FBCS CITP
Dr Fehmida Hussain SFHEA FBCS CITP
Deputy Director Engagement and Student Experience, Associate Professor, Head of Computer Engineering and Informatics
Engie Bashir SFHEA MSc
Engie Bashir SFHEA MSc
Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics, Campus Programme Coordinator – Undergraduate Computer Engineering and Informatics
Judhi Prasetyo FHEA MSc
Judhi Prasetyo FHEA MSc
Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics, Head & Founder, RoboTechX Lab
Jaspreet Singh Sethi MIB FHEA
Jaspreet Singh Sethi MIB FHEA
Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics
Dr Sameer Kishore FHEA
Dr Sameer Kishore FHEA
Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics, Campus Programme Coordinator MSc Robotics, Head and Founder, VRX Lab