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MDX Dubai Research Centres partner to host Symposium on Cross-cutting Issues in Economics, Climate Change, and Supply Chain


On 12th January 2022, Middlesex University Dubai’s Souq Economics – Centre for Economics Research and Centre for Supply Chain Excellence successfully hosted a joint symposium tackling “Cross-Cutting Issues on Economics, Climate Change, and Supply Chain”. The event attracted over 175 delegates from around the world, including presenters and speakers from the UAE, US, UK, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.

The symposium provided a timely venue for practitioners and academics to engage in a meaningful discourse on issues shaping the post-pandemic world, including economic growth conditions, the ongoing disruption of supply chains, inflationary risks, and capabilities of governments in navigating these issues.

Participants benefitted from high-profile keynote addresses from Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie, Chichele Professor of Economic History, University of Oxford on ‘State Capacity and Economic Growth: Cautionary Tales', and Professor Errol D'Souza, Professor of Economics & Director, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad on 'COVID-19, resilience, & economic growth'. The symposium also featured several invited research papers and industry presentations from internationally renowned researchers and practitioners from economics, supply chain and logistics, sustainability and climate change.

Topics and presentations included:

  • 'The Future of Food: Responsible and Sustainable Consumption' by Dr. Min Teah, Associate Professor & Dean, Research, Curtin University Australia
  • 'Sustainability and Global value Chains with respect to Regional Integration' by Ms. Sanchita Chatterjee, Senior Trade Policy Expert - India and Thailand
  • 'Beyond Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for Supply Chain Resilience in the Era of Climate Change' by Rana Hajirasouli, COO, Cyrus Group of Companies

The symposium wrapped up with an excellent and stimulating panel session on contemporary supply chain and socio-economic issues hosted by Middlesex University Dubai School of Business faculty Dr. Supriya Kaitheri and Rory McConnon. The panel members were seen communicating their ideas while securing a meaningful discussion with other panelists from to address the increasingly complex global and local supply chain challenges in a sustainable manner.

Speaking on the success of the event, Dr Cedwyn Fernandes, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Middlesex University and Director of Middlesex University Dubai said: “I have been immensely impressed by the range and standard of presentations and the profile of the speakers from across the world. I want to thank Professor Ajit Karnik, Dr Sreejith Balasubramanian and all the members of the Organising Committee for putting together a fantastic programme.”

Commenting on the success of the symposium, Professor Ajit Karnik, Professor of Economics at Middlesex University Dubai and Organising Committee member said: “The Symposium brought together a galaxy of high profile researchers from across the world who presented the delegates a virtual feast of research output and ideas”.

Dr Sreejith Balasubramanian, Head & Founder – Centre for Supply Chain Excellence and Organising Committee member, said: “The symposium received excellent feedback from the delegates and was able to extend the dialogue towards shaping the post-pandemic world and discuss economic growth conditions that mitigate climate change.”

About the Research Centres

Souq Economics - Center for Economics Research aims to ether research and researchers from across the world for the advancement of economics as a discipline, and act as a bridge between researchers in economics and policy-makers, resulting in the betterment of society.

The Centre for Supply Chain Excellence is dedicated to promoting supply chain excellence in education, research, and practice through collaboration with academics, industry partners, government entities, and other research institutes.

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