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CEI: Student Experience Matters


On Tuesday 29 Oct 2019 the Computer Engineering & Informatics (CEI) faculty and students gathered to celebrate the students’ achievements during the year 2018/2019. The celebration was held in the presence of Professor Sean Wellington, Dean of Science & Technology who addressed the students about the importance of attaining an academic degree and industry exposure and experience while maintaining a work-life balance.  Prof. Sean inspired the students as he shared his student journey that developed his passion for academia.

CEI, led by Dr Fehmida Hussain, has been committed to providing a wide range of co-curricular activities to its students to complement their learning beyond the classroom. The department has implemented a platform to improve students’ experiences by listening to its students’ voice and learning about their motivation and needs for attaining new skills and knowledge across various IT disciplines.

The year of 2019 has been very successful for our CEI students with more than 50 students’ participating across four research competitions and ten project competitions and Hackathons, among which there were 4 top prize winners. On a similar scale, CEI students attended workshops on User Experience, Version Control, Machine Learning, Zoho Platform, Data Science and Cloud Computing from Dell EMC. Dell EMC trainings prompted 10 students to be associate professionals in Cloud Computing or Data Science. Last but not least, the MDX society has been revamped through the energy of its students Aditeya Viju Govind, Ashar Iqbal, Amal Nazeer, Ammar Ali Moazzam, Danish Nihal, Lavesh Panjwani and Samaam Ali Khan who have been working together to initiate and promote student-led activities in collaboration with the industry. 

Under the motto of  “Our Student Experience Matters”, we want to congratulate and recognise our students who were motivated and dedicated to attaining new skills and knowledge across various IT disciplines. We ask each student to embark on his or her journey with passion and drive to reach the desired goals. We also want to thank all our full-time faculty, adjunct faculty Arundhati Basu Atif Roome, Sumitra Kotipalli, and industry collaborators Mr Ali Shabdar and Mr Subash Thakkar from Zoho for running these wonderful workshops and disseminating their knowledge and skills to our students. The event was organised by Engie Bashir, Senior Lecturer CEI.

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