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MDX Dubai visits Expo 2020 site


A team from Middlesex University were delighted to engage with EXPO 2020 at the Sustainability Pavilion. The visit was the foundation to engaging in curated educational tours for Middlesex Students in 2021. The programme will provide remarkable real-life case studies of the latest inter-disciplinary ideas. Andrew Mackenzie, head of the ISD plans to engage with EXPO Sustainability and Innovation tours, and be part of the EXPO environmental conversation, as some of the world's most forward-thinking leaders and environmentalists come together at Expo 2020 to share ideas, best practices, and find creative solutions. 

The Institute plans to involve students in innovation tours, discovering green approaches to meeting the worlds energy and water demands. Learning how communities, cities, organisations and countries from around the world are working to restore the Earth’s natural balance and discover the latest in cutting-edge environmental technologies. Students will learn that we all have a role to play in securing a more sustainable future.

Ed Ryan and Margo Tummel, are developing plans to be involved with the Arts, Architecture & Design tours. Expo 2020 is bringing together some of the world’s greatest artists, architects and designers. Our students will see contemporary masterpieces in a once-in-a-lifetime tour. Michael Kloep through IEBE, is looking forward to the Business & Entrepreneurship tours with dedicated tour guides. Now more than ever, businesses and entrepreneurs must work together to create positive change around the world.

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