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At the RoboTechX  Lab we research and develop various robots and internet connected devices. Our activities cover designing, developing and testing a wide range of hardware and software – from a simple plant watering system and distributed energy metre to industrial manipulators and autonomous robots.

In line with the UAE National Agenda of transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, promoting innovation and research and development, our mission is to bridge the gap between academic and industry in using innovative technologies to improve people’s quality of life.

The Lab is an integral part of Middlesex University Dubai’s Centre for Innovation in Human Experience.


Research and Development

We provide expertise to those who are passionate in seeking knowledge, creating designs, validating ideas, developing prototypes and performing repetitive testing of robotics and physical computing systems including smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT). We welcome professionals and academia to conduct joint research with us.


We provide various training for corporates, students of various levels, and to the general public; covering robotics, electronics and computer programming related to physical computing and embedded systems. Our team consists of certified trainers and professionals in their relevant fields.


We love solving problems, and our consulting team strives to navigate complex challenges and come up with feasible solutions. Contact us to find out more about how your organisation can gain benefits from our consulting services.


Our lab is strategically situated in Middlesex University Dubai’s key location in Dubai Knowledge Park, in the vicinity of Media City and Internet City – populated by digital media and technology companies. To support the above initiatives, the lab is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment including industrial manipulators, mobile robots, swarm robots, drones, a 3D printer, FPGA and microcontroller boards, various test instruments and simulators.


Head of the Robotechx lab

Judhi Prasetyo

Head & Founder of RoboTechX Lab
Lecturer in Robotics
Computer Engineering and Informatics Department
Middlesex University Dubai


Judhi Prasetyo

Committee Members

Dr Nikolaos Mavridis

Founder and Director - Interactive Robots and Media Lab
Adjunct Faculty
Computer Engineering and Informatics Department
Middlesex University Dubai

Nikolaos Mavridis

Dr Maha Saadeh

Senior Lecturer
Computer Engineering and Informatics Department
Middlesex University Dubai

Maha Saadeh

Santosh Menon

Computer Engineering and Informatics Department
Middlesex University Dubai

Santhosh Menon

Middlesex Associates FZ LLC, Dubai Knowledge Park - Blocks 4, 16, 17 & 19
Admissions +971 (0)4 3678100

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