Campus Life
Campus Life

First Week at MDX


New students, especially those who are coming to Dubai for the first time, may find that the laws and customs of the United Arab Emirates are very different from those in their home countries. We advise all students and staff members to become familiar with them and ensure they are respected. In the UAE, there may be serious penalties for doing something that might not be illegal elsewhere. You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with and respect local laws and customs. The UK Government’s website offers some helpful advice on its website at regarding local laws and customs along with more detailed ‘Living in the United Arab Emirates’ guidance available at

At all times, students must also ensure full compliance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This includes the rules and regulations adopted by the Dubai Government’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the Dubai Development Authority (DDA) and all other applicable federal or Emirate-level laws.

During your first weeks at Middlesex, you will participate in a range of events designed to introduce you to the campus, the faculty, the student sports and cultural activities, specialist teaching spaces, the Library, and all the other facilities and services available to you. 


The first event, called 'Induction', offers an introduction to the University, an opportunity to complete all administrative enrolment requirements and an overview of student activities. You will meet the Director, the Deputy Directors, your Campus Programme Coordinator (CPC) and your lecturers (we call them Module Coordinators), and you will get the chance to take a Campus Tour to familiarize yourself with the Campus. 

Make sure you arrive punctually and bring with you what is required. This normally includes your Offer of Admission and other items mentioned in your Induction invitation (sent via email). Please check the date, time, and room number of where you need to be on your first day before you arrive. This information will be provided in the Induction invitation and is available through the Admissions Office. 

Although the term 'Induction' is often used, do not expect to become thoroughly familiar with the University in just a few sessions. See this more as an essential event which tries to introduce you to life at Middlesex University Dubai and what is offered to you in order to make the most of your student experience here. Quite often, it takes a number of weeks or even months to feel settled into university life and to become aware of the various opportunities the University offers.

Week of Welcome 

Week of Welcome is the first week of the academic year. In this week, you will meet your Campus Programme Coordinator (CPC), who will provide you with an overview of your programme of study and its special features, such as competitions, labs, events, assessments etc. You will also meet other academic staff members, who will give you an orientation to your different modules, as well as fellow students. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the services that are here to help you, such as the Library, the Centre of Academic Success (CAS) and the Careers and Employability Services. You will get to meet representatives of the sports and cultural activities clubs and sign up to the ones of interest to you. The Week of Welcome will be filled with fun activities, presentations, quizzes and cultural awareness events. 

The schedule follows your programme’s timetable and depends on the programme you are studying. Please make sure that you arrive punctually at the lecture classroom indicated in your timetable. You will be notified by email of additional activities organised and available to your cohort.

For more details on the Week of Welcome, please visit

Induction and Week of Welcome Checklist

By the end of your first week, you should have: 

  • Had a campus tour.
  • Met your Campus Programme Coordinator (CPC) and noted the names of all your Module Coordinators.
  • Fully enrolled – by enrolling on MyUniHub, contact our CampusCentral for assistance.
  • Paid any fees due. See ‘Student Finance Guidelines’ at
  • Picked up your Student Identity Card.
  • Logged on to MyUniHub to check your modules.
  • Logged onto your Middlesex University email account.
  • Updated your mobile phone number(s) and your personal email address on MyUniHub so that we can keep in touch with you.
  • Familiarized yourself with the Library and its resources:
  • Registered with the Careers and Employability Service (CES).
  • Met with the Student Activities and Sports & Fitness Coordinators, to find out how you can attend social events to meet new people and sign up for a sport or a fitness programme. 

Late Starters

Some of you may have to join Middlesex University Dubai later than the usual date and therefore have missed all of the induction and welcome events. If this is the case, it is possible for the University to help you get up to speed. If you miss the first day of your programme induction, it is important that you act promptly. Contact CampusCentral as soon as possible, and they will help you catch up with what you have missed. You will be given a checklist at the same time to ensure you catch up with the bits that you have missed out on.

Medical History Information 

Newly enrolled students must complete a medical history form that is kept on file in CampusCentral.  If you have a medical condition or disability that may require care or may restrict your campus activities, please submit a letter from your family physician describing your condition and providing specific instructions for care to Ms Siobhan McNiff from the Centre for Academic Success (CAS).

UAE Emirates ID Validation  

The Dubai Government’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) mandates that all higher education institutions including Middlesex University Dubai validate the Emirates Identity (ID) Card for all students studying within the Emirate of Dubai. 

You need to bring your original Emirates ID Card and your Middlesex University Dubai Student ID to complete the validation process. Please note that we need the physical Emirates ID card, in order for them to be validated with the KHDA. This will be returned on the spot as soon as they are read via the KHDA’s E-Portal system.

The validation of your Emirates ID card is vital for your student records. In case you do not validate your Emirates ID card in a timely manner, we will have to report it to the KHDA, and this could have implications for your enrolment.

KHDA Student Agreement    

The Dubai Government’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) mandates that all higher education institutions, including Middlesex University Dubai, ensure that a Student Agreement is signed by all enrolled students. It ensures that both Universities and Students are aware of their duties and responsibilities towards each other and towards the KHDA. You will be contacted by the University to submit your KHDA Student Agreement. Once completed, the Agreement will be provided to the KHDA via their E-Portal system.

The KHDA Student Agreement is vital for your student records. In case you do not submit a signed KHDA Student Agreement in a timely manner, we will have to report this to the KHDA, and this could have implications on your enrolment.