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The aim of the Immersive VRX  Lab is to promote research and development in the transformative field of Immersive Virtual Reality.

Firstly, we aim to understand the technology itself, how it works, and how we can push the boundaries of the hardware and software that are used to generate these highly immersive virtual experiences. This is a highly technical path, including work on hardware systems such as full-body trackers, high-fidelity displays and brain-computer interfaces, in order to advance the interaction with the virtual environment. In addition, equal importance is given to developing software systems such as improving the graphic quality of the environment, algorithms for creating realistic virtual agents using AI, which would lead to a highly realistic multi-dimensional experience.

Along with the technical aspects, we are interested in studying the underlying cognitive and behavioural aspects of people using these Immersive VR systems. It has been shown that when people are immersed in a virtual environment, they tend to react to a situation as if it were happening in real life. This has powerful implications and gives us the chance to drive research in areas of psychology and cognitive neuroscience, in order to understand why this happens and how this can be applied to other situations.

Finally, there is a significant emphasis on the applications of Virtual Reality. The potential of using this technology in industry is limitless in a plethora of fields such as training, education, medicine and healthcare. Our goal is to link up with companies, schools and universities for collaboration on research and development projects in order to utilise this potential.

The Lab is an integral part of Middlesex University Dubai’s Centre for Innovation in Human Experience.


Research and Development

This is one of the fundamental goals of the Immersive VRX  Lab and we are always looking to collaborate with other researchers and institutions in order to push the boundaries in this field. In addition to research projects, we also welcome opportunities with the industry where we can come up with new and exciting solutions.


Looking ahead it is clear that the Immersive VRX  Lab and similar technologies can provide a viable tool to tackle issues, not just on a personal scale but at an organisational level as well. In addition, VR has been used extensively in the past to provide advanced training in a safe and controlled environment. We provide expertise and decades of experience in working together with organisations to provide these services.


Head of the Immersive VRx lab

Dr Sameer Kishore

Head & Founder of  Immersive VRX Lab
Senior Lecturer
Computer Engineering and Informatics Department
Middlesex University Dubai

Sameer Kishore

Committee Members

Dr Mavi Sánchez-Vives

ICREA Research Professor
Co-Director EventLab
Specialty Chief Editor - Frontiers in
Systems Neuroscience


Denise Andrzejewski

Adjunct Lecturer
Middlesex University Dubai


Technology Partners & Research Collaborators

Dr. Laura Aymerich-Franch

Ramón y Cajal Senior Research Fellow, 

Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona


Dr. Eduard Fosch-Villaronga

Assistant Professor on Law, Robots, and AI
eLaw Center for Law and Digital Technologies
Leiden University, the Netherlands


Virtual Bodyworks

Virtual Bodyworks

EventLab, University of Barcelona


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