Staff Profile

Professor Tenia Kyriazi PFHEA MCIArb


Professor Tenia Kyriazi is the Deputy Director of Academic Operations at Middlesex University Dubai. She holds a PhD in International Law, an LLM in International Law with International Relations, an LLB, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education. She is also a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Tenia is a member of the Athens Bar Association (Greece) and the Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIArb). Professor Tenia is a founding member and the President of the UAE Branch of the International Law Association.

Tenia’s research interests include International Human Rights Law, International Organisations, International Judicial Organs, and Legal Education. Her work has been published in many peer reviewed journals.


PhD International Law, University of Athens, Greece

LL.M. in International Law with International Relations, University of Kent, UK

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCertHE), Middlesex University Dubai, UAE

LL.B, University of Athens, Greece

Principal Fellow Higher Education Academy, UK

Membership of professional bodies and associations
  • Athens Bar Association – Greece
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIArb)
  • Fellow, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law
  • Principle Fellow, Advance HE

Research Interests

International Human Rights Law

International Organisations

International Judicial Organs

Legal education

Selected Publications

T. Kyriazi (2023) The private sector against human trafficking in tourism, Anatolia, 34 (1), 30-44

Kyriazi, T., Demetriou, D., Lalani, A. A., & Osman, A. (2022) Towards a Strong UAE National Human Rights Institution: Complying with the Paris Principles and Beyond, Journal of Law in the Middle East 2, 19.

T. Kyriazi (2022) Trafficking in human beings in the UAE: addressing a transnational threat, in Facets of Security in the United Arab Emirates, W. Gueraiche and K. Alexander (Eds), Routledge

T. Kyriazi & D. Demetriou (2020) Mixed migration flows into Europe: Discharging state anti-trafficking obligations through the proper identification of trafficking victims, International Journal of Sustainable Society, Vol 12, No. 1, 205-244.

T. Kyriazi (2020) Trafficking in Human Beings in the Tourism Industry: Trends and Approaches, in Tourism and Gender-based Violence, P. Vizcaino, H. L. Jeffrey & C. Eger (Eds), Wallingford: CABI.

T. Kyriazi (2020) Legal pluralism, Sharia law and the right to fair trial: A case for incompatibility within the Council of Europe, The International Journal of Human Rights, 1-25.

T. Kyriazi (2020) Challenges to the right of fair trial by the application of Sharia law within the Council of Europe, in Fair Trial: Regional and International PerspectivesLiber Amicorum in honour of Linos Alexandre Sicilianos, R. Spano et al (Eds), Anthemis.

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T. Kyriazi (2015) Trafficking in Human Beings: A Contemporary Form of Slavery? Review of the ECtHR Case-Law, Revue Hellénique des Droits de l’Homme, 63, 27-56 (in Greek)

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Kyriazi, T. (2022). Human trafficking in the UAE. Facets of Security in the United Arab Emirates. Facets of Security in the United Arab Emirates
Kyriazi, T. (2023). The private sector against human trafficking in tourism. Anatolia, 34(1), 30-44.