As part of the University’s commitment to safeguarding the wellbeing and happiness of its students, we are offering weekly Wellness Support Groups for students across all programmes.

What are the Wellness Support Groups?

The wellness support group is a peer-driven initiative that is aimed at creating a safe and non-judgmental environment that allows students to openly discuss their issues, connect with others that may be facing similar challenges and to support those who are going through a difficult time. The fundamental idea of a peer support group is a collection of people, gathering together to share their feelings, drawing inspiration from the struggles of each other, and finding solace in the knowledge that they are not alone.

What will happen at the wellness group meetings?

The meetings follow a support-group style format, where a trained facilitator will use thought-provoking questions to initiate and guide the ensuing discussions. Each member is welcome to contribute as little or as much as they would like and the fundamental idea is to listen supportively and to use the discussions as a means of providing hope. The meetings will occur on a weekly basis and each session will address a specific wellness topic. The groups will be small, consisting of about 10-12 participants. The meetings will be devoted to discussing diverse student concerns, including but not limited to – managing stress, anxiety, loneliness and other mental health issues. The events will be held online for ease of accessibility.Ground rules will be established beforehand, and students are encouraged to be empathetic and compassionate towards one another, while also being respectful by ensuring confidentiality of information.Talking about difficult issues in an open forum, helps dispel the stigma around seeking help for those who may be struggling emotionally.

Who should attend?

Students that might be experiencing emotional challenges, difficulties in coping with various aspects of university life (academic pressure, for instance) or recovering from psychological distress, will be a perfect fit for our wellness meetings. Moreover, if you find yourself not having any extra time to engage in activities that increase your wellbeing, then the support group is your answer. Embedded within the student wellness framework of the University, the meetings will be an easily accessible source of basic social support. However, support groups are not a substitute for psychological counselling, and we advise that professional help is taken if your needs are more serious.Students will be undergo a quick online screening process upon registration to determine if the support group is a good match for their emotional support needs.

About the wellness facilitator:

The wellness support group meetings will be moderated by Aditi Bhatia, Lecturer in Psychology at the University, who is both trained and experienced in therapeutic group-facilitation. She has a special interest in student mental health and strongly believes in the usefulness of support groups to improve overall wellbeing.

Please note that students MUST register to attend these sessions. A max of 15 students can attend each session.

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Location: In-person (Location will be sent upon registration)