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Dubai Cares Speaker Series

Dubai Care Speaker Series

Middlesex University Speaker Series: Best Practices in Education

Dubai Cares Pavilion, Expo 2020

We are proud to be partnering with Dubai Cares to host an exclusive speaker series throughout January and March 2022 that offers free education and training to teachers, educators and parents from across the UAE in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!

As educators, we believe that access to quality, world-class education is how we can empower the next generation to change the world for the better.

Taking place in the Dubai Cares Pavilion at Expo 2020 and honouring their vital mission, this interactive series will address different SDGs and feature speakers from across a range of academic disciplines at Middlesex University Dubai, including our MA Education faculty. Sessions will provide teachers and parents with actionable tools and knowledge that they can use to develop an even more inclusive classroom.

The diverse and inspirational programme will particularly focus on how attendees can celebrate and cultivate the talents in all children; instil a love of learning in each student; and equip our future leaders to develop global citizenship values such as empathy, tolerance and cultural sensitivity.

12th February 2022


Brain Targeted Teaching

Alison Burrows, Head of Department of Education and Early Childhood Studies, Middlesex University Dubai and Doctoral Candidate & Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Time: 11am

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SDG: 4.4 and 4.C

The emerging field of neuro-education focuses on how students actually learn, not what they learn based on narrow achievement goals. The Brain Targeted Teaching Model provides teachers with valuable knowledge from the neuro and cognitive sciences in a form that can be readily understood and applied in classroom practice. This session will show educators and education leaders how to apply relevant research to classroom settings through a proven pedagogical framework. 

This framework consists of six brain-targeted components: Establishing the emotional environment for learning; creating the physical learning environment; designing the learning experience; teaching for mastery; creativity and innovation in education; and evaluating learning.

This session is aimed at Pre-K through University educators and administrators.


19th February 2022


26th February 2022


Best Practices in Education: Creativity in the Classroom

Philip Anderson, Lecturer in Education

Time: 11am

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SDGs: 3 and 4

A competitive knowledge economy requires the fostering of creativity for the next generation.  As the Education landscape evolves, now more than ever the creative ‘soft’ skills of innovation and problem solving are needed to secure a better future for all.  The arts help nurture creativity, promoting lifelong learning and increasing happiness and wellbeing.  We go through processes of thinking and feeling that help us know more about ourselves and the world we live in.  This session will discuss different paradigms of creativity, and demonstrate how to develop creative minds through interactive activities and collaboration.


19th March 2022


Teacher Turnover: What We Know and What We Can Do

Ambreen Mohammed, Adjunct Professor, Middlesex University Dubai and Doctoral Candidate, Johns Hopkins University

Time: 11am

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SDG: 4.C

High turnover of teachers results in schools facing considerable challenges in providing quality education to students. Teacher turnover poses problems at multiple levels: disruption of effective instruction, inequity in learning for disadvantaged students, and financial implications for schools. Schools provide induction programs to help teachers develop a deeper understanding of the organization and advance their professional learning. Therefore, finding a replacement for teachers can be costly and disruptive for students, families, and school faculty.

In a recent Teaching and Learning International Survey TALIS (2018), 45% of novice teachers and 37% of more experienced teachers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) expressed their desire to change their schools if possible (OECD, 2019). This presentation engages participants with a framework that identifies factors influencing teachers' decisions to leave the profession or their current schools with implications for organizational culture and working conditions discussed.

This session is aimed at Teachers, School Leaders, Governors and anyone else who is interested.

Due to social distancing regulations at the Dubai Cares Pavilion, we can only offer 30 in-person places per session.

Please refer to the latest health and safety guidelines on the Expo 2020 website for information about entering the Expo site.

Dr. Yousra Osman
Lecturer, Middlesex University Dubai

Louise Edensor

Dr. Louise Edensor
Campus Programme Coordinator,
International Foundation Programme, Middlesex University Dubai


Alison Burrows
Head of Department of Education and Early Childhood Studies, Middlesex University Dubai
and Doctoral Candidate & Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins University


Ambreen Mohammed
Adjunct Lecture, Middlesex University Dubai and Doctoral Candidate,
Johns Hopkins University

Philip Anderson

Philip Anderson
Lecturer, Middlesex University Dubai

Stephen King

Stephen King
Lecturer, Middlesex University Dubai

Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew Mackenzie
Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University Dubai


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