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Vaishali Raj Sharma MA(Education) MA (Garment Manufacturing Technology) FHEA


Vaishali Sharma holds a Master’s in Garment Manufacturing Technology from NIFT (New Delhi) and a Master’s in Education from The London Centre of Fashion Studies (UK). She has over 25 years’ experience in teaching at various colleges and universities in London, including the prestigious London College of Fashion. Vaishali believes in affecting change in perceptions and concepts, and actively works toward sustainable and ethical fashion initiatives. Her research interests include sustainability, methods and disruptors to reduce fashion waste, education and design, assessing art through rubric standardisation.

  • MA in Garment Manufacturing Technology – National Institute of Fashion Technology (New Delhi)
  • MA in Education – The London Centre for Fashion Studies (UK)
Awards and achievements

First Movers Advantage

FASTE: (Fashion, Made from Waste, with a Taste) A “one-of -a-kind” show conceptualized, showcased and very successfully conducted over the last 2 years, that makes waves in spreading awareness on the pollution caused, and the steps being taken by the Fashion Industry to make ethical and sustainable changes. The show has received lots of recognition and has become an annual rolling event in Dubai now.


Awarded and acclaimed for talent/excellence at various stages – (Apparel Export Promotion Council, India) AEPC student of the year 1992, topper at Middlesex University, 2001, Success award at department audit AIU (American Intercontinental University, London), 2004. Developed a PG dissertation, which received the Dean’s recommendation (on curriculum development and the importance of assessment methods in it)- an area of continued interest education and technology where the tussle between traditional vs contemporary methods continues.


Conducted several workshops, seminars, annual fashion shows with recurring success and outstanding proficiency in organizing these events from plan to delivery, using talent in organizational skills, delegation and effective team spirit.

Conducted the KHDA SATURDAY CLUB series with mega success and proficiency.

Research Interests
  •   Sustainability
  •   Methods and Disruptors to reduce fashion discards
  •   Education and Design
  •   Assessing Art through rubric standardization
Selected Publications

JARDCS,  ISSN-1943-023X, paper on Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Commerce: A Disruptive advantage to predict customer needs, Raj  Vaishali

Longform articles in Fashion Studies Journal

Faculty Members

Kanaka Raghavan
Kanaka Raghavan
Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
Margo Tummel MA (Design)
Margo Tummel MA (Design)
Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, Campus Programme Coordinator - Graphic Design