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Life at MDX – How to balance studying and working


Many Middlesex University Dubai students are juggling full-time work and internships while completing their degrees, especially at Master’s level!

For postgraduate students, this is made easier by the fact classes are held after work between 6.30PM and 9.30PM. But, even if you’re an undergraduate student and also holding down a part-time job or internship alongside your classes, it’s easy to sometimes become overwhelmed when you’ve got to meet both work and education deadlines and responsibilities.

Anna Ro, our International Development Executive and part-time MA Education student, understands just how you feel. Here’s some of the techniques she recommends to maintain a healthy work-study balance while you’re at university:

1.     Manage your time well.

Time management is really crucial when you’re balancing the responsibilities of a full-time job and a Master’s degree.

Creating a weekly schedule is definitely very useful – I’d recommend mapping out assignment deadlines and then working out the time you need to do your independent study.

Schedule this in your calendar with your work and other commitments, so you can see how everything fits in.

2.     Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you’re struggling academically, please don’t be afraid to ask for help from your lecturers and our support departments.

My lecturers have been amazing at going above and beyond to provide extra support to all students, and have even scheduled in additional tutorials for those students who needed extra help with their assignments.

I would really recommend utilising our fantastic support departments at Middlesex too. The Centre for Academic Success (CAS) will provide you with academic support and advice, and our Library staff can help you navigate the library resources you will need for your research.

3.     Make friends on your course

Get to know your classmates and check in with each other regularly. You can meet up in person or online for Zoom study sessions, share ideas, and be there to support each other.

If you’re struggling with time management and procrastination, it’s great to set milestones and have someone who will keep you accountable, but also cheer you on throughout your learning journey.

Are you struggling with how to manage your time and deadlines at university? Would you like to learn more about balancing your studies and work?

Our CAS team are here to support you with everything from time management to developing your study skills. Learn more about how they can help you here, and get in contact with them to book a one-on-one appointment by emailing

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