mdxMindset is an interactive online space where we provide wellness stories, science, and support for our students, staff, and community. This space is part of the objective of bringing wellness into our everyday lives and routines. We hope to build an integrated wellness culture across our campus and community and your feedback is part of that initiative. You can find an open call for submissions and feedback in the ‘contact us’ section. www.mdxmindset.mdx.ac.ae

Open Call for Contributions

One of the objectives of MDX Mindset is to have wide contribution from students, staff, and members of our community on wellness topics and issues. If you would like to contribute an article related to health and wellness that you have written, please let us know by registering through the link below. Sections include: Science, Support, Student Voices, Images, Community, as well as different Spotlight stories. Have something that doesn’t fit into these categories? No problem! Register your name and topic below and we’ll reach out for you to send us your contribution.https://forms.gle/zEWFzcZS2k73CC2g6



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