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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Measures on Campus


Student health and safety is paramount and adopting the new measures will reassure you how safe you are to be studying on campus this September:

Face masks are mandatory and must be worn at all times – MDX Dubai has adopted a NO MASK. NO ENTRY policy.

Social Distance
Social distancing must be adhered to across the campus, both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

Track and Trace
Track and Trace – scanning in and out of each building when on campus is mandatory for all students.

Entry Exit
Entry and exit – there are updated routes of entry and exit across all of MDX Dubai campus buildings, these must be used appropriately.

Temperature checks – upon entry to each building your temperature will be checked by a thermal scanning. Please be patient and allow time for this.

Sanitiser Process
Sanitisation process – upon entry to each building, there will be a sanitisation process that must be carried out for all students.

Classroom Size
Classroom sizes – the sizes of classrooms have been limited to 30 students or less. Each student has specific boundaries identified as to the learning space identified and this should be respected.

Lift usage – lifts are limited by the number of students using them at one time, the rules must be respected and stairs can be used as an alternative.

Hand Sanitiser
Sanitise and wash hands – whilst on campus it is important you regularly wash and sanitise your hands to prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19. There are sanitisation points across the campus.

Bathroom usage – there are limits as to how many people can use the bathroom at one time and these rules must be adhered to.

Duration on campus – the time spent on campus should be minimised to respect the rules and measures put in place.

One way traffic
The one-way traffic system across all campus buildings must be adhered to at all times.

Keeping refreshed – drinking water is supplied by MDX Dubai in the form of bottled water. Please ensure you dispose of your empty water bottle responsibly.

Feeling unwell – should you or your peers feel unwell, showing notable symptoms, please follow the Identify, Notify, Act, Isolate process displayed across campus.

Im Sanitised
I’m sanitised – across the campus, when a classroom/space/item has been sanitised and ready for use, you will see a marker placed to notify you that the sanitisation process has taken place.


Group Not Allowed
Group activities – all gatherings, celebrations and sports tournaments have been suspended and a complete schedule of virtual activities has been created for the upcoming academic year.


Face masks and sanitisers will be available on campus should anyone require these.


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Your Safety


Your safety

You will notice a range of new signage, icons and processes used to ensure the health and safety of you and your peers. Please familiarise yourself with them.

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