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Student Voice Leaders

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Nominate yourself as the Student Voice Leader for YOUR programme!

Join a team of 200+ Voice Leaders working to improve the student experience at Middlesex University Dubai. Get involved, create change and make your time at MDX matter!

Every term, the Programme Voice Group meetings relevant to your course meet and discuss what is happening on campus and what can be improved. Student Voice Leaders are an essential element of the University experience, as you are able to inform the University exactly what you and your fellow students want and need out of your academic experience – there are many benefits to gain from it.

As a Student Voice Leader, you will be able to keep members of your course up to date on any issues that are relevant to them, as well as ensuring they too have their say on such matters. This experience can be a lot of fun and you will build all kinds of transferable skills including interpersonal, communication, interviewing, negotiation and advocacy that you can put on your CV.

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Briefing sessions for Student Voice Leaders

Session 1
Date: Monday, 22 October 2018 
Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm
Session 2
Date: Wednesday, 24 October 2018 
Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Venue: Room 015, Block 4


Programmes Date Time   Room No
LLB (Honours) (all pathways)
LLM (all pathways)
MA Global Governance and Sustainable Development
MA International Relations
28 Oct   4:00 PM     012, Block 17 
MA Education (all pathways) 28 Oct 5:00 PM  004, Block 16 
BA Honours Advertising, PR and Media/Branding
BA Honours Film
BA Honours Advertising, PR and Media/Communication
BA Honours Journalism and Media/Communication
29 Oct 10:00 AM     017, Block 4 
BA (Honours) International Tourism Management  29 Oct 11:30 AM     Board Room 
MSc Banking & Finance
MSc Investment Management 
29 Oct 5:30 PM  016, Block 4 
BA (Honours) Graphic Design  30 Oct 2:30 PM  011, block 17 
BA (Honours) Business Accounting & Finance  31 Oct 12:30 PM  212-B, block 17 
MSc Corporate and Marketing Communications MSc Strategic Marketing
MSc Digital Marketing
MSc International Tourism Management 
31 Oct 5:30 PM  009, block 17 
MA People Management & Development  4 Nov  5:00 PM  004, block 16 
BEng Honours Computer Communications and Networks
BEng Honours Computer Systems Engineering 
BSc Honours Information Technology 
BSc Honours Business Information Systems
5 Nov  11:00 AM  011, block 17 
BA (Honours) Business Management (all pathways)
BA (Honours) Marketing
BA (Honours) International Business
5 Nov  12:00 PM  015, block 4 
MBA (all pathways)  5 Nov  5:30 PM  016, block 4 
MSc Business Information Systems Management
MSc Engineering Management
MSc Network Management and Cloud Computing
MSc Project Management
MSc Robotics 
5 Nov  5:30 PM  018, block 4 
BA (Honours) Early Childhood Studies  7 Nov  2:00 PM  212-A, block 17 
MA International Business Management  7 Nov  5:00 PM  009, block 17 
MSc Applied Psychology  7 Nov  5:30 PM  003, block 16 
BSc Honours Psychology with Counselling Skills
BSc Honours Psychology with Education 
BSc Honours Psychology with Human Resource  Management 
BSc Honours Psychology with Marketing 
8 Nov  11:00 AM  Conference room
(ground floor), Block 17 
International Foundation Programme  13 Nov     11:00 AM  017, block 4 

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