Fees & Finance
Fees & Finance

Other Charges

This list is regularly reviewed and updates and is provided as guidance only. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list.





Effective 01 September 2022, all Fees and Charges are inclusive of 5% VAT.



Student Transcript Copy Fee

AED 52.50

Status Letter / Credit Statement

AED 84 (urgent) or AED 26.25 (regular)

KHDA Attestation

AED 220



Certificate Attestation

AED 905 - Apostille A

AED 1470 - Apostille B

AED 400 – additional embassy attestation


Certificate Replacement Fee

UK £65 (https://www.mdx.ac.uk/about- us/alumni/certificates-and-transcripts)

Application Fees for taking Examinations at other Approved Institutions

AED 1,030 per exam.



Re-assessment Admin Charges

AED 525 per module

Academic Misconduct Administrative Charges

AED 525 per case upheld



Student Locker Fee

AED 105

Student Locker Deposit (Refundable)

AED 50



Re-issue of Student ID Card

AED 157.50 for all students


Additional Allowance for Printing

AED 115.50 for 1,000 pages;

AED 57.25 for 500 pages;

AED 28.88 for 250 pages



Overdue fines

1 AED per day per book

Overdue fines for items requested by other students

AED 10 per day per book

Lost or damaged Library materials

Replacement cost of item + AED 30

processing fee

Overdue fines for laptops

AED 5 per hour or portion of an hour



Student Visa Processing Fee Inside the UAE (inclusive of Visa processing fees, Emirates ID, Medical Insurance)


AED 6,975

Student Visa Processing Fee-Outside the UAE (inclusive of Visa processing fees, Emirates ID, Medical Insurance)


AED 5,345

Student Visa Caution Deposit


AED 2,500

Student Visa Renewal Fee (inclusive of Visa renewal fees, Medical fees, Emirates ID, Medical Insurance)

AED 4,409.95

Normal Student Visa Cancellation Fee

AED 766.88

Express Student Visa Cancellation Fee

AED 1,344.38

Outside country Cancellation (without original passport)

AED 1526.88



Late Fee (Tuition Fee)

AED 200 on each occurrence of default

Tuition Fee Refund Administrative Charges

AED 3000

Return Cheque/PDC Retrieval Charges

AED 525

Duplicate Receipt Voucher

AED 26.25





Transportation Fees (for the full academic year)

AED 5,700* – Dubai AED 5,999* – Sharjah AED 6,999* – Ajman AED 6,999* – Abu Dhabi

*Subject to change for September 2022


Refund policies for transportation fees paid

75% will be refunded if students submit a formal withdrawal request within the first week of commencement of classes


No refunds will be offered if students withdraw after 1 month of commencement of classes