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Debt Policy and Procedures

Debt Policy and Procedures

This section of the regulations outlines the sanctions which may be used in relation to students with overdue debts and is designed to ensure that all students are treated fairly and equitably. 

Late Payment Sanctions

Stage 1

If students fail to pay their tuition fees or any other charges within two weeks of the invoice date, an initial late fee penalty of AED 200 will be applied.  A financial hold will automatically be applied to the student account which will restrict access to university services including Library, Computing, Hub-19, and other facilities. Students will also be prevented from participating in student activities including sports training and events, cultural activities, and field-trips.  

Students on a financial hold will not be able to access any academic assessment or examination results.

Please note that any payment made will automatically be allocated against the earliest dated invoice. 

Subsequent late fee charges of AED 50 per week will be charged to the student account.

Stage 2

If students have payments outstanding for more than 3 months, they will automatically be withdrawn from the University. 

Any student who has been deregistered will be required to pay the remainder of the annual tuition fee in full plus the late payment charges in order to be re-instated. Students must note that delays in re-instatement may have significant consequences for academic progress (such as missed assessment opportunities).

Students with outstanding debts will not be entitled to enrol to continue further with their programme of study.

The University reserves the right to withhold the conferment of qualifications unless or until all fees for tuition, residence, student visa and other sums due to the University have been paid, and/or rightful property of the University returned.

Request for alternative payment instalments

Students facing financial difficulties can request an alternative instalment payment plan.  However please note that a financial hold will automatically be activated if any amount is still outstanding in June, which will prevent access to final assessment / exam results.  If a student on an alternative payment plan has an outstanding balance of more than one month then the ability to pay by instalments will be revoked and the remainder of the annual tuition fee will be due in full.  The student would then follow the standard late payment sanctions.

To find out more please contact the Finance Office Team at  Alternatively students can visit the Finance Office in person which is located on the Ground Floor in Block 16.

Students must note that documentary evidence to support their request will be required before it can be considered. This information needs to be at hand prior to contacting the Finance Office. These decisions are entirely at Middlesex University Dubai’s discretion; are final and are not subject to appeal. Alternative payment plans will be limited to the term in which the request is made and no further extensions will be granted.

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