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Student Council

Student Council

The Middlesex University Dubai Student Council is a student elected council with representatives from each school of the University. The Student Council is designed to represent the student body in matters affecting education and the overall university experience. The SC aims to establish a recognised means of communication between the student body and members of staff and faculty, as well as external organisations.

It allows students to share their ideas, interests and concerns with lecturers and other members of staff, and how the student experience can be improved.

Member Profiles

Caroline Maria D’Souza
Journalism and Communications Representative 

I have wanted to be a part of the Student Council ever since I joined Middlesex University Dubai.

When you realise you have just a few more months until you graduate, you want to do everything possible to feel at one with the place that teaches you so much each day.

For me, the Student Council is not just a voice for students; it is a common link between staff and students at the University – something I believe is extremely important.

As an elected member representing the School of Film and Media, it is my job to act as the voice of each side. It is also an opportunity for me to be a ‘go-to’ friend for a student in need, or for any student who wants to be heard or needs guidance.

During your time at University there are highs and there may be lows, and I’ve always believed that staying positive is the best way to cope with almost everything – keep a smile, and everything will turn out just right.

Each and every one of us in the Student Council are open to your viewpoints and look forward to representing the MDX Dubai student body. As well as representing our schools, we’re also here to hold events, educational seminars, exclusive club activities and more.

Whatever you may need – we’re here to be your friend and will continue to support you. 

Faheem Fazil
Operations and Logistics Officer
Computer Engineering and Informatics Representative 

When I started out at Middlesex University Dubai, just like every other freshman I had my own aims and goals to fulfil, one of which was to make the most out of my years as a student. Starting a brand new adventure after high school was overwhelming and setting goals helped me to really focus. With the right guidance, not only was I able to achieve academic success, I was also able to find success in extracurricular activities.

During 2017-2018 I successfully coordinated the Events Club and was able to continue this post throughout 2018. Managing the largest and busiest Social Club (with over 500 members) allowed me to enhance my skills in people management, event management, communication, and most importantly – leadership.

As of 2018-2019 I have been assigned the post of Logistics Manager by the Student Activities Department, and I am also the Team Coordinator and senior member of the University’s Cricket Team.

Since I joined the University, I had always wanted to be elected as a member of the Student Council. Now that I have been given the opportunity, I will make it my priority to make the student experience at the University one which is extraordinary.

Firstly, I want to focus on bridging gaps and creating a system that allows students from various departments at the University to come together and work together which will enhance and further build the student network.

I also want to connect students to the right clubs, ensuring every student has opportunity to experience something new and exciting during their University life.

As a member of the Student Council, my job won’t just be to coming up with solutions for issues that students may face, it is also ensuring that graduates take away something  more than just a Quality UK Degree, but also memories that will last a lifetime.

Delfina Ferrao
Cultural Representative
Business School Representative 

I have loved the experience Middlesex University Dubai has provided me with for the past two years and now I feel like it’s my chance to give back to the University by providing students with an unforgettable experience during my time as a member of the Student Council.

My goal is to create more interaction between the Student Council and students on campus in all types of matters including campus life, social, and others.

I see the position of a Student Council member as an excellent way to be a part of a team that is not only involved in the lives of current students, but also the bigger picture of providing a better place for future students.

Through being your voice, organising fun events, as well as lobbying for improvements across the campus , we will endeavour to make Middlesex an amazing University to come to every single day.

No more sitting and being complacent, it’s about moving forward and creating valuable change!

Sahil Santosh Tirodkar
IFP Representative 

Being a member of the Student Council means more to me than simply influencing decision making and holding a title. To me, being a Student Council member means having the ability and influence to make a genuine difference.

It means bringing something new to the table. I knew that I didn’t just want to be another student at the University, I knew that I wanted to see changes to the University, but most importantly, I wanted to give students a voice.

My aim is to ensure that students always have someone who will listen to their suggestions and that positive impacts are made to the University. I also want to be involved in the various activities in the University on a larger scale.

I believe that in order to make a genuine difference, students need to work together. My first approach will be to ensure that people feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and opinions with me as their representative. My goal is to work with both students and members of staff so that changes can be implemented.

As a member of the Student Council, I will regularly communicate with and listen to students and staff in order to make their life on campus joyful, comfortable and memorable.  

Ammar Ali Moazzam
Computer Systems Engineering Representative 

As a representative of the School of Science and Technology, there are many reasons why I wanted to be a part of the University’s Student Council. I wanted to try to improve the University in any way possible and to represent my peers by bringing their ideas to light.

Through events such as International Day and Week of Welcome, I wanted to develop my leadership skills and be able to represent my University by trying something new which brings out my creativeness and the interest of others.

First and foremost, my priority as a member of the Student Council is to work towards improving the student experience at the University by helping to solve any issues that students my face, and also planning fun events which all students can get involved in.

I look forward to having a fun-filled year and representing my peers.

Anaitha Mildred
Communications Officer
Film and Media Representative

As a member of the Student Council I will be representing the School of Film and Media as well acting as the Communications Officer.

Throughout my first year at the University I have tirelessly pushed myself out of my comfort zone through volunteering and taking part in events, from which I have gained so much.

Becoming a part of the Student Council will allow me to showcase and develop my skills and take on responsibility in order to represent my peers to the best of my ability.

I hope to make a positive impact on student life at the University by interacting with students and trying to understand their issues and ideas and take these on board. My goal is to ensure that the atmosphere on campus is fun and encourage students to network with each other and make the most out of their University experience.

Kateryna Kaptyelova
Sports Representative
Ex Officio Accounting and Finance 

I feel extremely honoured to be chosen to be a member of the Student Council as a representative of the School of Business. My aim is to contribute to enhancing the University experience of my fellow students – ensuring it is pleasant, interactive, entertaining, informative and basically – unforgettable.

As a representative of sports on campus, I am committed to all sporting activities and ensuring that all clubs have the best possible environment and equipment, and to also engage more students to participate in sports by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from my role as part of the Student Council, I am one of the main players for the Team Middlesex Volleyball Team, a member of the tourism, events, impact, drama and other cultural clubs. I am also a Student Voice Leader, and work with the Centre of Academic Success (CAS) as a Student Learning Assistant (SLA).

Most recently, I have become a MiddlesexConnect Ambassador for my home country, Ukraine. One of my main goals is to be an example for others, proving that anyone can achieve their goals and realise their dreams, and I along with other members of the Student Council will always be here to provide guidance.

I will make sure that the voices of my peers are heard, and that each of you will have the very best experience at Middlesex University Dubai.

Sneha Rose Kuruvilla
Psychology Representative 

I believe that the Student Council has the ability to inspire and be the voice of many.

It is the platform for its members to creatively put forth their own perspectives while collaborating with the ideas and suggestions of other students to bring the greatest possible improvements to different areas of the University.

I also believe that being part of the Student Council will contribute to my leadership and teamwork skills, and I look forward to working with different kinds of people who have unique viewpoints and mindframes.

I hope to make an impact by promoting and standing by all that drives our University to be a better place. As a member of the Student Council, I plan to fulfill my duties and responsibilities to the best of my ability by supporting every student, listening to their opinions and concerns, and providing them with as many opportunities as possible.

My aim is to do my best to ensure that all students have an unforgettable student experience. 

Eishani Premarathna
Social Media Officer
Law School Representative 

Middlesex University Dubai’s Student Council is one of the most powerful bodies within our University, and being a member of the Student Council means a great deal of responsibility.

Not only am I prepared to take on this responsibility, I also want to represent and be there for my colleagues from the School of Law and Politics, along with other faculty and students, to enhance University life whilst being able to further my skills and development.

As a member of the Student Council, it is my duty to represent the students of the Dubai campus – ensuring that the campus is entertaining and a great place to be, while ensuring students abide by the University policies.

University can sometimes be tough as we grow and discover who we are, and myself and my fellow members of the Student Council are here to support you throughout your time at University. Just get in touch with us in person or via email and we will do our best to ensure that each student feels included and that their opinions are valued.

Let us hope the next year of the Student Council is one of the most successful and joyous years for Middlesex University Dubai.

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