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Track 7: Media, Journalism, and Communication

Track Coordinator: Dr. David Tully ( –For any additional information or questions regarding submissions to this track, please contact the track coordinator directly.

The aim of the media, journalism and communication track is to encourage and provide a forum for original research that utilizes the most current and relevant theories and practices to investigate and make recommendations appropriate to both academia and practice.

One of the many issues that brings together academia and practice in the variety of topics covered in this track is the continuing state of technological transition related to media industries, content production and consumer use.

When new communication technology enters the marketplace, cultures and individuals have to adjust by adopting, adapting or rejecting these communication technologies, often shaping new directions and determining new uses through their actions.  This dynamic nexus of media, communication technologies, citizens and cultures is rich for investigation and discussion.  By addressing the issues of communication, communication  technology and culture, as well as many others, this track will stimulate lively academic discourse and debate.

We are open to any submission that is aligned with the goals of the conference and this track, but particularly encourage submissions relating to the following themes:

  • Media, politics and culture
  • Media and social change
  • Critical media theory
  • Promotional culture: advertising, public relations and modernity
  • Celebrity journalism and photojournalism
  • The role of media in establishing, defining and promoting celebrity culture
  • Journalism education and training
  • Media ethics and professional codes of conduct
  • Digital and emergent communication technology and cultural change
  • Global and transnational media
  • Women in media
  • Media imagery and visual language
  • Film and cultural trends

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