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Campus Central

Official Documents Issued by the University

You are eligible to receive the following documents during and after completing your study at Middlesex University Dubai. These official documents will be available for you to collect at the Campuscentral.

As per the university policy on non-disclosure of information, these or any other documents will not be handed over to a third-party without explicit authorisation from the student except where the University is legally required to do so.

In the case of collecting transcripts and degree certificates, students must ensure that they complete the Clearance procedures at the Campuscentral.

Credit Statements

All non-finalist students (Continuing) can apply for a credit statement for a fee after the final results have been published at the end of the academic year showing modules, grades and the progression decision made by the Programme Progression Board.

Transcript of Grades Achieved or Diploma Supplement

All students will be eligible to receive a Transcript of grades achieved, which is also called a Diploma Supplement, on completion of their studies which can be used to verify module results and final qualification. Your transcript (diploma supplement) will include the modules you have taken, grades achieved and state your qualification with the classification and title but additionally, it contains information on the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies undertaken and successfully completed. Such Diploma supplements are intended to help external parties such as current or future employers or other higher education providers understand more about your programme in addition to your grades. A transcript is an official document that is generally accepted as formal proof of qualifications gained at Middlesex University. The initial transcript is provided free of charge and will be available at the Campuscentral after five weeks of the date you have been awarded.

Additional Transcripts

A graduate student may apply for additional transcripts by completing the Official Transcript Request form available online. A fee of AED 52.50 is charged for each additional transcript requested and it will be issued after 3 working days.

Degree Certificate

Our June 2020 graduates will be the first cohort to receive a digital certificate in addition to their usual printed certificate and diploma supplement. The digital certificate will be available within 2 months of the publication of final results. Students will be able to view their certificate instantly and securely from any device at any time via a secure portal. The portal can also be used by employers, recruitment agencies and relevant third parties to verify student qualifications quickly, without having to wait for a hard copy to arrive in the post. For the hard copy, it takes up to three months for the degree certificate to be issued by the Academic Registry in London. These are sent to the Campuscentral in Dubai for collection by students.

Degree Certificate Attestation

The Royal Decree No. 8 of 2012, regarding higher education institutions affiliated to the Dubai Government, provides for your degree certificate to be attested by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai (KHDA). This makes Middlesex University Dubai qualifications recognised by all public and private entities in the Emirate of Dubai for all purposes.

This certificate attestation is optional and requires a fee payment. The University will handle the procedure on your behalf, should you wish to attest your certificate by the KHDA. All you need to do is to complete the KHDA application form and submit it to the Campuscentral, along with a valid passport copy and Copy of Emirates ID. The fee for this certification is set by the KHDA at AED 220 per document and is payable at the Finance Office or online via the University website.

Middlesex University Dubai also offers attestation service from the UK for those students who require it. As the degree is issued from London, degrees can be attested by the following government agencies:

  • A Notary Public in the UK
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK
  • Most national embassies based in London (a list of embassies who offer this service is available at the Campuscentral)

Additional charges are applicable for attestation of documents and these rates are available at the Campuscentral. For more information on how to apply for attestation of your degree, contact the Campuscentral.

Status Letters

Students may request for a status letter which confirms their enrolment status for the purpose of visit visa applications, opening a bank account, etc. A valid passport copy must be provided with the Status Letter application form, which is available online.

In the case of letters required for UAE Visa renewal or obtaining a driver’s license, students must apply with the Student Visa Office.

In the case of letters required for the Student NOL card, students must apply with the Student Visa Office or complete the form online at

In the case of letters required for internships through the University, students must apply with the Careers and Employability Service.

For status letters, the following fee applies: If the student has submitted an urgent request before 12 noon, AED 84 must be paid to the Finance office and the document may be collected at 4:00pm on the same day.

If the student has submitted an urgent request after 12 noon, AED 84 must be paid to the Finance Office and the document may be collected the next working day.

If the student has submitted a normal (non-urgent) request, AED 26.25 must be paid to the Finance Office and the document may be collected after three (3) working days.