Notice to Students regarding Exams

Notice to Students regarding Exams

This notice has been written to help you with exam regulations. Please read it carefully and do what you are asked.

Exam regulations

These regulations outline the key rules and processes of taking an exam with Middlesex University. Please read them very carefully so that you understand them fully and make sure you do what is asked, failure to do so may mean the cancellation of your exams.

A.   Regulations

Make sure you know these rules: Section F, K and Section L of the University Regulations.

You must be on time for all examinations.

You must not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice in any part of the examination.

If you attempt to use unfair practice, or break the rules in any way, you will be reported to Academic Registry for investigation of academic misconduct.

You may take into the examination room only the materials and equipment that are allowed. You must not take into the examination room any unauthorised materials or equipment that may give you an unfair advantage, such as notes, calculator cases/instruction leaflets, bags, personal TVs/stereos, electronic or radio communication devices, including mobile telephones, iPods, MP3 players or smart watches. Possession of unauthorised material is against the rules, even if you do not intend to use it, and therefore you will be subject to penalty.

If you leave unsupervised before the end of the examination you will not be allowed to return.

Do not read the question paper until instructed to do so by the invigilator, BUT please read the front cover to ensure you have the correct exam paper in front of you.

B.   Directions to Candidates

Coats and bags must be deposited as instructed by the Invigilator.


All other valuables should be left under your desk.

You must place your Middlesex University Student ID card on the desk. If you do not have a University ID card you MUST bring alternative photographic ID into the exam room and obtain an exam pass from CampusCentral. These must both be placed on your desk.

You may not leave the examination room within thirty minutes from the start of the examination, nor during the last ten minutes. If you wish to leave before the last ten minutes, you should raise your hand to notify the Invigilator and hand in your work. Once you have left the room you will not be re-admitted without the permission of the Invigilator.

Bring what you need

You may bring pens, pencils, erasers and any permitted equipment you need for the examination. You will not be allowed to borrow items from another student.

All items needed for your exam are to be placed in a clear plastic bag or pencil case. Only transparent pencil cases are allowed on your desk.

You may NOT take food/sweets or drink to your desk other than clear bottles of water with the label removed. If your bottle has a label, please remove it before the exam starts. If you need food or other types of drink for medical reasons, please advise an invigilator before the exam starts.

Your watch must be taken off and placed under your desk.

C.   Calculators and Dictionaries

You may not use a calculator unless it is stated on the exam paper.

If it is stated on the exam paper, you are permitted to use a non-programmable, stand-alone calculator ONLY. Programmable calculators and calculators on mobile phones are not permitted.

Dictionaries are not permitted.

D.   During the Exam

Listen to the Invigilator and do what you are asked to do.

Tell the Invigilator at once:

if you think you have been given the wrong question paper;

or if the question paper is incomplete or badly printed.

Read and carefully follow the instructions on the front of the question paper and/or the answer booklet before you start the examination.

Complete the attendance slip and the front cover of your answer booklet.

Question numbers must be written clearly in the margin.

Rough work must be written on the examination stationery given to you by the Invigilator. Cross it through and hand it in with your answers. If you annotate the question paper in any way, this must also be handed in.

The following practices are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and all instances WILL BE REPORTED:

Failure to comply with the invigilators’ instructions.

Possession of any unauthorised information, either written or printed.

Bringing into the examination room any books, notes, writing paper, blotting paper, mathematical tables or devices, other than those specifically permitted for the examination. Any such item must be handed to the Invigilator before the exam starts.

Borrowing anything from another student during the examination.

Attempting to access or read the work of another student.

Communicating with or disturbing other students once the examination has started.

Occupying a desk other than that assigned to you except by permission of the Invigilator.

Using any electrical device such as a smart watch, mobile phone or headphones/earphones. All students whose ears are concealed will be asked to show their ears for inspection.

E.   Advice and Assistance

If on the day of the examination you feel that your work may be affected by ill health or any other reason, tell the Invigilator immediately.

Put up your hand during the examination if:

you have a problem or a query and you are unsure about what you should do;

you feel ill;

you need more paper.

You must not ask for, and will not be given, any explanation of the questions.

F.   End of the Examination

If you have used more than one answer booklet and/or any loose sheets of paper, you must place them in the correct order. Fasten them together with a treasury tag before you leave. Ensure that your student ID is written on all extra pages/booklets.

You must not leave the examination room until the Invigilator tells you to do so.

You must not take from the examination room any examination stationery, used or unused, rough work or any other materials provided for the examination.

If students are permitted to take the question paper out of the exam room, the Invigilator will instruct you accordingly.

Signing the examination script is an acceptance of the regulations governing exams.

Please note:

Visits to the toilet are permitted after the first 30 minutes but must be accompanied by an invigilator.

In the event of the exam room being evacuated, you are reminded that examinations conditions still apply and you should NOT speak to other students.