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Coursework Submission

Most modules will require that you complete an amount of coursework as part of your assessment. Types of coursework include:

  • Written coursework: essays, exercises, laboratory logbooks, projects, dissertations, portfolios of written work, in-class tests, etc.
  • Other coursework: presentations, viva voces, performances, exhibitions etc.

Handing in coursework

Module tutors will publish deadlines for submission of coursework within the Module Handbook. The University’s policy normally requires students to submit coursework online (via Turnitin on MyUniHub). The only exceptions are pieces of coursework with specific formats such as art work, models, and large portfolios, where alternative arrangements will be made which will be set out in your Module Handbook. The CampusCentralis the central place for handing in all coursework that is not submitted electronically.

Do not give coursework for assessment directly to your tutor - coursework will not be accepted by your tutors when submitted via e-mail or in person. Coursework submitted to the CampusCentralwill be dated and receipted. You should keep your receipt - it is for your own protection.

A ‘Cover Sheet for Coursework Submission’ form must be filled at the CampusCentralwhen submitting coursework and students will be given a receipt of submission. The following information must be CLEARLY PRINTED on the front cover sheet of the coursework:

  • Student full name
  • Student MISIS number
  • Module Code and Module Name
  • Module Coordinator’s name

You must take a copy of all your work (via photocopying or on personal data storage devices, etc.) prior to submission. Students must retain a copy of all their submissions till the end of their study period in the University.


It is important to meet deadlines for submitting written coursework. These will be laid down by module tutors no later than at the time the work is set. Sometimes deadlines from different modules will come at the same time, and it is important to plan your workload to meet these deadlines.

This academic year due to COVID-19 restrictions, students are required to submit all coursework electronically. Please keep in mind the submission deadlines and the time difference between the UK & UAE when submitting electronically. For submissions that must be handed over to the CampusCentral, these must be done no later than 4:30 pm for all foundation and undergraduate modules, and no later than 6:30 pm for all postgraduate modules. These timings will vary during the Holy Month of Ramadan, please check the website.

The module handbook may offer guidelines in the case of late submissions – usually missing the deadline results in coursework not being accepted for grading and failure of that assessment component.

Deferral of assessment

If you have exceptional circumstances that prevent you from meeting an assessment (e.g. coursework, presentation) deadline/attending an examination, you may be entitled to a short extension or deferral of assessment.

A deferral of assessment is the postponement of the date you are due to submit an assessment or sit an examination until the next opportunity and without penalty.

For information on how to make a claim, please refer to Extenuating Circumstances.