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Communicating with the University

Communicating with academic staff members

Your module tutors (Lecturers) and Campus Programme Coordinators (CPCs) will communicate with you via University email and you must check your University email regularly (see ‘Middlesex Email’). Changes to class schedules or specific information about your programme of study will be sent to you using your University email account and/or the Microsoft Teams platform. Hence, it is important that you read your university email and check your MS Teams notifications regularly.

You are welcome to reserve an appointment for a virtual consultation during your tutor’s office hours for timings that might suit you both. Please email your appointment request along with your inquiry from your university email account. Don’t forget to state your student ID number and module code and name in your email/online booking request. If you turn up at the door unannounced or phone at an unsuitable time, then you are far less likely to make contact.

Contact information for our academic and research staff members is provided at

Bear in mind that your tutors have a number of teaching and research commitments so if you want to make an appointment suggest a list of times when you are available. The tutor can then email you back with an agreed time that suits you both.

You can also take advantage of the time in seminars, and after the end of the lectures, to ask any specific module-related questions.

Consent Form for Parents and Guardians

Middlesex University Dubai fully complies with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and is committed to protecting the personal data of all its students. Under this act the University cannot disclose information regarding grades, academic performance, attendance, etc. even to parents/guardians, unless the student has given fully-informed consent for the information to be released.

If your parents or guardians would like to meet with your lecturers (Module Coordinators) or your Campus Programme Coordinator (CPC) to discuss any aspect of your academic studies or progress, you must first complete the Consent Form available with the CampusCentraland then make a prior appointment. Please allow sufficient advance notice for such appointments, especially if your parents or guardians are travelling from overseas. Academic staff may not be able to meet them immediately or at very short notice. The student must be present at these meeting as per University policy, even if the meetings are held on an online platform.

All students who are under 18 years of age and all students who are enrolled in the International Foundation programme (IFP), are required to provide their consent in writing, by signing the consent form prior to enrolment. The provision of consent is an admission condition and needs to be fulfilled prior to enrolment. For more details, please refer to Consent Policy for U-18 & IFP Students.

Change of Student Name, Address and Contact Information

You must notify the CampusCentralimmediately of any changes in your name by filling out the ‘Change of Name’ form. Requests to any changes in the students’ name after they have been awarded their qualifications, requires senior executive approval in Dubai and in London and students will need to provide proper legal evidence to confirm the name change.

A formal name change request must include:

  • Current Full Name (as stated in Middlesex University records)
  • Student Number (MISIS)
  • New Full Name
  • Evidence of legal documentation change in name(s) such as valid passport copies, legal court papers or marriage licences and so on

Current students can update their address online via UniHub. It is your responsibility to ensure that your most current contact information is available on your student record – the University cannot be responsible for any issues that you may face regarding your studies on account of staff members not being able to contact you.

Students must provide a valid local phone number in order for the University to be able to contact them as required.