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Attendance and Withdrawals

Attendance and Withdrawals

Middlesex University Dubai is keen to ensure all students enhance their academic potential. One of the ways we do this is by monitoring attendance, which allows us to work with students to resolve any issues that may prevent students from attending classes.

Students should attend all scheduled classes and activities. For each module, attendance requirements will be detailed in the Module Handbook. Students are generally expected to attend at least 75% of the scheduled taught sessions for each module; however, in many cases the requirements are higher.

Absence from the University

If students experience difficulties beyond their control which prevent them from attending class, it is their responsibility to:

  1. Report any period of absence, in the case of unavoidable circumstances only, to the Student Office within 7 calendar days of the absence period by filling the Leave of Absence form. For IFP students, the form must be filled within 1 working day.
  2. Fill the Leave of Absence form accurately and completely, and to attach valid evidence as proof of excused absence.
  3. Inform the Student Office immediately if withdrawing/deferring from a programme of study by filling in the relevant form (Withdrawal of Studies or Temporary Withdrawal).

Temporary Withdrawal

If, for any reason, students need to defer their studies, they will need to receive permission from their Programme Coordinator to suspend their studies or complete the Temporary Withdrawal form available at the Student Office. This will record the period of absence and a place will be reserved for the student when they are able to return.

Students who temporarily withdraw from their studies should be aware that they are responsible for making themselves familiar with any changes in the assessment policy or syllabus in their programme which may occur during their temporary withdrawal.  For further details, see university regulations for temporary withdrawal in Section C4: Temporary Withdrawal within the University Regulations. This can be found here.

Withdrawal from the University

The University lays down formal regulations about withdrawal from the University. The main points of which are:

  • Students who wish to withdraw from the University must inform the Student Office immediately either in writing or by completing a Withdrawal of Studies form.
  • Students need to decide whether or not it is more appropriate for them to withdraw from their studies temporarily or permanently. We strongly advise that students discuss their options with their Campus Programme Coordinator or a member of the Student Office before making their decision. Students must also be aware that there will be financial implications to withdrawing and it is important for them to fully understand these implications before making the final decision to permanently withdraw.
  • It is important that students specify the date on which they will withdraw, along with their last day of attendance as this will impact on any financial liability they may incur. Students who wish to return to the University within two years of withdrawal (or transfer to another campus/institution), will need to inform the Student Office before the start of the academic year. If students return more than two years after the date of withdrawal, deferral or transfer, they will need to make a fresh application for admission with the Admissions Department. 

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