Campus Life
Campus Life

General Information for Students

Student Number         

This is a personal number given to you upon your admission to the University. This will remain the same during your stay even if you change or transfer your programme of study within the University or return to study in another programme in the future. This number is shown on your Middlesex Student ID Card and is called the ‘MISIS number’. 

Student Identification (ID) Card    

All students receive a Middlesex Student ID Card at the start of their studies from the IT Office. Your Student ID number (MISIS number) is shown on the Student ID Card. This card is to be used for the duration of your entire study period at Middlesex University. This card is needed for formally verifying your identity in several situations such as accessing examinations, the Library, Computer Labs, Student Activities Centre, the student network and other campus areas and facilities. 

For more information, please visit CampusCentral

Your Student Email Address         

The Student Email is the main communication medium of the university to its students. Upon completion of the enrolment, students are given their own university email address. This is in the form of [email protected], where xx are your initials, and nnn is a number generated by the system. This code will be found on the reverse of your Student ID Card.

For more information, please visit CampusCentral

Your Personal Information   

Your personal information and academic information are held on UniHub. In accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018, the staff of Middlesex University and its partners will ensure the confidentiality of your information and will not disclose it to anybody (except under the circumstances permitted by University policies or for legal purposes) without your permission.

Please ensure that the University has your most up-to-date details and contact information - critical University communications (including those relating to your results, graduation, etc.) are sent automatically to the address listed on your student record.

For more information, please visitCampusCentral

Your Timetable for Classes and Examinations       

Students will get information on the teaching timetable and receive their schedule of classes at the beginning of the academic year. The teaching timetable can be viewed electronically via the Middlesex University Dubai website (Timetables) and the MDX Student App (see below). For more information, please visitCampusCentral

MDX Student App        

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the MDX Central – Student Portal for September 2022, which has been designed to make your student life at MDX more accessible and simpler.

What is MDX Central?

MDX Central is your new dedicated student portal that provides you with the key information and resources you need as a Middlesex University Dubai student, including:

  • Academic timetable and attendance
  • What’s happening on campus, such as news and events
  • Live updates about all things Middlesex
  • Student Help Desk
  • Managing your modules and studies
  • MDX social accounts
  • And more to come

All students also have access to the MDX Central mobile app that allows you to access the same information and resources, as well as mark your classroom attendance.

How can I access MDX Central?

To access MDX Central on your browser, use the link below to log in with your Campus User Account details (formerly known as your Teams Account login credentials). As a quick reminder, your Campus User Account looks like this: [email protected]

You can access the MDX Central – Student Portal on your internet browser via this link:

To access the MDX Central mobile app, search for and download ‘MDX Dubai’ via the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Download the user guides for the MDX Central – Student Portal and MDX Central Mobile App for further information about how to use each platform.

How can I use MDX Central to access my timetable?

Before the start of classes, your academic timetable for 2022-2023 will be added to your personalised MDX Central account for you to view. You can view your timetable from the desktop or mobile app.

Please note that you must continue to check your timetable on a daily basis for the first two weeks of the academic year in case of any changes or updates.

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the timings, classrooms and modules, as well as the new learning spaces that are located in Block 15.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding MDX Central, your timetable, or accessing your timetable, please contact Campus Central by emailing [email protected].