Laptop Loan Lockers

The Library Individual Study area has two laptop loan lockers with 56 laptops available for use.

Terms of Service

  • Laptops may be borrowed and returned when the LIS is open, 8am to 8 pm, Everyday.  Holiday hours may vary.
  • Laptops are available for loan, but must be returned within 3 hours of loan or 8 pm – whichever occurs first.
  • Students may return a laptop when the LIS is closed by contacting Security at the ground floor of Block 16.  Security will open the LIS for a student to return the laptop, however security are not allowed to accept laptops from students.
  • A 5 dirhams / hour (including portions of an hour) charge will be incurred if the laptop is returned late.
  • Only card-holding Middlesex-Dubai students, with “in good standing” accounts (library fines not exceeding 20 AED, no holds), may borrow laptops.
  • Only one laptop per student may be borrowed at a time.
  • An issued laptop is the sole responsibility of the student until it is returned. The borrower is liable for any costs due to the theft, loss, or damage to the laptop.
  • Upon returning, please check the laptop for any physical damage, and turn it on to make sure the laptop and screen are in proper working condition.  If damaged, immediately report the issue and the laptop number to the IT Department: 04-677-8126 or the Library: 04-367-8124 / [email protected].
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that the laptop is properly returned (plugged in, drawer door shut). Failure to do so may result in overdue and / or laptop replacement charges.
  • The Library and / or IT Department is not responsible for any data loss which may occur if the laptop malfunctions.
  • You are strongly advised to save your work externally, as any work saved onto the laptop will automatically be deleted upon computer shutdown / restart.
  • The borrowed laptop MUST be returned to the proper laptop bay.  Charges may be incurred for failure to return the laptop to the proper locker bay.
  • The ID that was used to borrow the laptop must be used to return it.
  • If the LGS office is unstaffed and you require assistance, please call the Library: 04-367-8124 / [email protected].  You may also call the IT department: 04-367-8126.