Journalism and Media Conference

The Media Department of Middlesex University Dubai conducted

The First National Journalism and Media Conference in the UAE and Gulf Region

On 20th April 2017

Conference Committee: Evelyn Stubbs, Lucyann Kerry, Hani Soubra

Conference Theme: Global Journalism: Emerging Trends and Practices

Contributions from a broad field of Journalism research will be considered, as outlined below:

  • Blurring the Lines: PR and the News
  • Business and Financial Journalism
  • Celebrity Journalism, Entertainment and the Creative Arts
  • Convergence of Media
  • Digital Media
  • Gender Issues in the Media
  • Human Rights, Ethics and Journalism
  • Media Ownership and Advertising
  • Political Campaigning
  • Regional News
  • The Emerging Field of Media Psychology
  • Travel Journalism
  • War Correspondents