Student services
Student services

IFRS Mentorship Programme

Team Accounting and Finance launches an Industry Mentorship Program with an aim to provide experiential learning on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)!

Industry practitioners will mentor our final year Accounting and Finance students through a series of practical case studies or mini-research assignments. Under the mentorship project, students are expected to gain knowledge on practical issues and develop essential soft skills. Over a period of four months, students will work on three assignments with a different set of mentors and gain exposure to standards relating to the presentation of financial statements, basics of consolidation, asset-related standards, revenue from contract with customers, and lease accounting.

A big shout out to the mentors (profiles below) for devoting their valuable time to enhance our student learning experience. All of them are Chartered Accountants with expertise in IFRS-based financial reporting. They will design the assignments, provide guidance and share feedback with their mentees.

For further details on this project, please contact: [email protected]