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Institute for Entrepreneurship & Business Excellence (IEBE)

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Business Excellence

The Institute for Entrepreneurship & Business Excellence is where thoughts for new ventures take flight. With entrepreneurial knowledge, practical education, passionate high-impact live learning, research and experience, we help student and business partners to develop their ideas into new businesses. We accelerate innovation and make networking available by being the link between inventor and information.

Our Team combines a wealth of diverse knowledge, experience and networks to optimally impact members. The Core Members include:

  • Dr. Michael Kloep - Head of IEBE & Senior Lecturer in Management
  • Dr. Daphne Demetriou - Chief Legal Officer
  • Dr. Belisa Marochi - Women Entrepreneurship & CSR Ambassador
  • Mr. Rhoderick Romano - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Dr. Eliseo Ferrante - Chief Technical Officer
  • Mr. Madhav Gokhale - Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Suzannah Fernandes - Operations Officer

Fundamental to our purpose, we support next generation entrepreneurs through:

  • Education & Mentorship (e.g. Idea Development, Best Practice Sharing & Guidance)
  • Industry Consultancy for Business Excellence (Consulting & Research Services)
  • Interaction & Networking with Business Partners (Best Practice Sharing and Establishing of Partnerships e.g. with Investors/ Venture Capitalists)


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