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Future Lawyers Network

Future Lawyers Network

Welcome to the Future Lawyers Network which is a collaboration between Bird & Bird, Dubai,  Microsoft Gulf ( Corporate and Legal Affairs) and Middlesex University Dubai (Law and Politics Department). The Future Lawyers Network is a network of students and legal professionals.

In line with the strategic priority to bridge education and practice, this network has been established for the benefit of law students and endeavors to optimise their career prospects and support the enhancement of transferrable skills through an array of events which are held on a monthly basis. It offers a platform through which students are able to connect with professionals from the legal field who share invaluable tips on career recruitment as well as provide an insight on the various paths that students can opt for within the legal profession in the UAE and beyond. The Network meetings are held each term through different interactive sessions such as panel discussions, workshops, round-table discussions, and social/networking events. Those sessions focus on critical topics, such as qualification in various jurisdictions, alternative career paths for law graduates, use of social media, profile building, enhancing employability, the impact of technology in the legal profession, SMART contracts as well as other issues which emerge in the ever evolving legal world.

The network also launched their inaugural mentoring scheme in September 2018. This scheme allows our students to receive invaluable support and advice from leading legal practitioners in the region.

The network is open to our students as well as junior legal professionals and industry professionals. We look forward to welcoming new members every year.

As a Mentor you develop your communication and leadership skills. You also get the opportunity to help shape the Mentee’s understanding of the world of work.

As a Mentee you benefit from:

  • Receiving impartial input on career development
  • Exposure to different career paths or options
  • Getting help on setting goals and focusing on key areas of development
  • Connecting to a broader network

Anyone can be a Mentor. All you need to do is leverage your learnings and professional experience to act as a “learning broker” for your Mentee by:

Sharing information or Resources e.g.: LPC/BPTC/Training contracts application process, supporting with CV drafting, creating a professional online presence.

  • Helping to broker connections from within your network
  • Listening carefully and openly
  • Providing unfiltered feedback and advice

To be a successful Mentor you need to be in a position to:

  • Commit 2-4 Hours per month to engage with your Mentee
  • Be open to sharing your experiences and learnings candidly
  • Have a passion to help others to develop

Mentor Nomination. The FLN is looking to start off the mentoring scheme with the nomination of 10 mentors by the start of the academic year at the end of September 2018. We invite legal professionals who wish to be nominated as Mentors to send us a mentor nomination request and a short bio.

Mentee Nomination. A presentation of the Program will be conducted to Y2 and Y3 law students who will be invited to apply for the role of  Mentees. Candidates will be asked to submit a cover letter explaining the benefits they wish to acquire through their participation in the Program and justifying why they should be selected. A selection process will be undertaken by faculty at MDX Dubai, based on a range of criteria, including academic performance, engagement with extra curricular activities and a case by case assessment of the potential benefits of the program to the candidates. 

Pairing Communication. On or by end of October 2018, the FLN Mentoring Program Coordinators will share a communication announcing mentor and mentee matches and inviting them to an introductory session launching the program.

Setting Goals of the Mentorship Relationship. Following the pairing and the introductory session, mentor and mentee will adopt a Mentoring Agreement setting up their own ground rules and goals. A template for the Mentoring Agreement will be prepared by the Programme Coordinators. The mentees will be responsible to submit the Agreement to the coordinators and to keep records of meetings, goals etc.

Managing the Mentorship Relationship. From November through to April 2018, the mentor and mentee will work through the goals set out in the Mentoring Agreement and hopefully build a trusted relationship. The Program Coordinators will share guidance on activities that may be conducted to explore and work towards the mentee’s goals.

  • Identify goals for the mentorship relationship early on
  • Keep the relationship professional but personal. Don’t be afraid to get personal, share your story!
  • Set boundaries. Define what is off limits.
  • Be open and transparent in your communication. It is okay to disagree.
  • Be considerate of each other’s time. If you set a meeting, show up or provide prior notice if circumstances change.
  • Reach out for help from the Program Coordinators and/or other mentors within the community. It takes a village!
  • Maintain confidentiality of details shared.  Assure your mentee that your exchanges are secure and confidential, and that nothing will be shared outside the relationship.

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