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Department of Law Mooting Society

What is Mooting?

Mooting is a simulated legal proceeding where students are presented with a legal problem that they are required to argue before a judge. Moot problems and competitions are generally focused on a specific area of legal argument, for example, family law, dispute resolution, criminal law, commercial law, and so on.

In a moot court, the process and procedures follows real life court where students will learn about appropriate courtroom decorum and how to prepare for a trial.

At MDX, mooting forms part of the compulsory assessments throughout the LLB programmes.

The Benefits Of Mooting

The Benefits of Mooting

Mooting presents an opportunity to develop legal practice skills and take part in networking opportunities with legal professionals. Mooting enables students to:

  • Gain valuable experience and training in written and oral appellate advocacy
  • Engage with legal issues beyond the scope of the curriculum
  • Network with professionals and the next generation of lawyers
  • Improve negotiation and public speaking skills
  • Become more marketable to legal employers
  • Opportunity to travel and participate in international mooting competitions
MDX Mooting Society

MDX Mooting Society

The Faculty of Law at MDX Dubai has an outstanding Mooting Society offering undergraduate and postgraduate law students the opportunity to participate in a range of competitions, both internal and international.

The Mooting Society is essentially a student led society that organises workshops, formative moots and invites prominent guest speakers. Members of the Society are eligible to participate in the Law Firm Project, international and local competitions. The MDX Mooting Society offers its members the rare opportunity to practice their mooting skills and get training and feedback from senior students by way of formative moots.

For any further queries regarding the MDX Mooting Society, please send an email to [email protected]

Committee Members

Nida Shareef - President

Hi everyone! My name is Nida, and I am the President of the Mooting Society this academic year. I am in the third year of my LL.B and am very excited to be working with the committee again this year. While serving as Mistress of Moots in the previous academic year, I also had the opportunity to represent the university in the Vienna-Vis Arbitration moot. In my role as President, I aim to pay forward the skills I gained from the Society through organizing competitions and engaging with external guest-speakers. I am thrilled to introduce our new and returning members to all that we have planned for this academic year!


Noorah Suhaib Mohamed - Vice-President

My name is Noorah Suhaib Mohamed, and I will be your Vice President for this year. I am in my third year of LLB Honours Law and have been a part of the Mooting Society from my first year. Last year, I was the Treasurer of the Mooting Society and took part in the Vis Moot Competition. Currently, I am a member of the Jessup Moot Court Competition. The society has helped me develop my skills in public speaking and written advocacy and I hope to help you all the same way. I am excited to be your Vice President and can’t wait to show you the amazing things we will be bringing to you.


Zakia Mohamed - Master/Mistress of Moots

I am Zakia Mohamed; this academic year, I will be the Mistress of Moots. I am a third year LLB Law student who has been a part of the mooting society since my first year. In my second year I attended a few competitions set up by Middlesex University. The biggest competition I participated in was the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot competition. Through my previous experiences, I understand that the moots require a lot of time, effort and hard work! Overall, I found all the moots I took part in to be beneficial, intriguing and engaging experiences.


Simran Bhoee - Secretary

Simran is currently a second-year law student. Her experience ranges from being a part of a Negotiation Competition to securing a summer internship at a law firm. Through her engagement in such activities, she has enhanced many of her skills such as researching and advocacy


Haajarah Ifthikhar - Treasurer

Hi everyone, I’m Haajarah Ifthikhar. I am a third year student currently doing LLB Law with International Relations. I am this year’s treasurer of the Mooting Society. I am so excited to meet and help everyone in this society. If you have any queries regarding anything, please contact me anytime. Welcome to the MDX mooting society.


Iqrah Islam - Marketing & Social Media Content Manager

Iqrah Islam is in her second year at Middlesex University studying LLB Law Hons With Criminology. She always had a passion for writing and designing. She is also a criminal shows enthusiast. Though her major is law, she still has other goals which she is determined to fulfil. Those goals include fashion designing, graphic design, criminal law, and reading every book in the world. She has recently launched a blog page of her own (on Instagram) to showcase her writing skills and advertise a variety of brands. Furthermore, she has also contributed to law articles to put her opinion forward confidently and had a knowledgeable experience in mooting in year 1 where she advocated her stance and position and learned about the mooting speech and court ethics. She has been working on social media platforms for 8 years now and is an expert in photography, videography, vocals, editing all forms of social media work for individuals or businesses, promotion, sharing and writing articles, and much more. She wishes to be an inspiration in the world and to be recognised for all the work and effort she puts in. A social bee who loves meeting new people and knowing about their characters, personalities, and dreams, which allows her to connect to others in not only a professional manner but also as a friend and confidant.


Law Firm Project

Launched in 2018, our Problem Based Learning project has welcomed a variety of practitioners to support this unique educational opportunity, designed to expose students to real life legal issues and simulate legal practice.

Students who wish to participate in the project are divided into teams who act as ‘law firms’. Third year students with experience of the project are appointed as Heads of Firm and are responsible for coordinating their team. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from each other, with senior students supporting junior students in the development of their legal research and drafting skills.

Practitioners are invited to act as ‘clients’ by devising a fact scenario and question on which legal advice is sought. The legal problem should be based in English law, but the fact scenario should have an international context. The case study is distributed to ‘law firms’ who will assign a small team to meet the client, discuss the case and ask questions. The case may incorporate elements from various areas of law and should require the students to exercise practical legal research skills.

Following the client interview, teams are given one week to draft their advice.

A second meeting will then take place one week later, in which the teams will explain the advice to the client and the clients may ask additional questions regarding the advice.

Practitioners will mark each team based on a mark scheme provided by the law faculty, choosing which law firm they would instruct. They may give oral feedback during the second interview. Teams are awarded points every time they compete based on the quality of their work and at the end of the year, the team achieving the most points will be declared winners!

To take part in the Law Firm Project you must be a registered member of the Mooting Society. {Insert Register here link}.

If you are interested in supporting out students by acting as a ‘client’ please reach out to Ms Navya Chanolien – [email protected]

How to Take Part?

How to Take Part?

The Faculty of Law at MDX Dubai has an outstanding Mooting Society offering undergraduate and postgraduate law students the opportunity to participate in a range of competitions, both internal and international. To avail of these opportunities, you must be a registered member of the Mooting Society.

All future events and competitions will be circulated via email to students of the Law Faculty and through the Mooting Society’s official social media channels. For any other queries, please send an email to [email protected]

Current Moots

Current Moots

  • Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
  • The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
  • ICC Commercial Mediation Competition

Past Moots

Every year MDX Dubai selects and coaches a team of students to participate in the following international moots:

International Moots:

  • Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
  • The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
  • ICC Commercial Mediation Competition
  • Children’s Rights Moot 2021 – Quarter-finalists

Local & Regional Moots:

  • EMAC Regional Moot November 2017
  • Dubai Vis Pre-Moot 2017
  • Internal negotiation competition
  • Internal mediation competition
That’s All, Your Honour – MDX Mooting Society Legal Newsletter

The Middlesex Mooting Society releases a regular newsletter, ‘That’s All, Your Honour’ featuring articles, opinion editorials and analysis on a diverse range of topics related to the field of law and politics. Produced by our students, each newsletter will provide you with their thoughts and analysis on the emerging trends and legal updates that future lawyers need to be informed about. 

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