Program Schedule

Tuesday 14 January 2020




Lobby, Block 16


Opening ceremony and welcome address

Oasis Theatre, Block 16


Keynote address: “Human Legacy”

- Hugh Ragg, Senior Manager Learning & Development at Expo 2020 Dubai

Oasis Theatre, Block 16

10.30 –11.00

Tea break

Block 17, Room 007


Plenary Session – Mobility: “Backhauling in Thailand: Practical implementation, challenges and benefits”

- Dr Janya Chanchaichujit, Director Logistics and Business Analytics Center of Excellence, Walailak University Thailand

Oasis Theatre, Block 16



Block 17 - Room 008Block 17 - Room 011Block 17 - Room 012Block 17 - Room 013
Session A1Session A2Session A3Session A4

Ndubuisi Ukwuani and Engie Bachir

An Investigation of an Integrated Methodology for Smart City Benchmarking, and the Influence of Technology in Benchmarking & in Dubai’s Smart City Mission

Stanley Lazarus, Roslin Lazarus and Ambigai Siva Kumar

The Roles, Challenges and Benefits of Internal Auditing in Organizations: Evidence from Oman

Swapan Deep Arora and Sameer Mathur

Effect of Airline Competition and Seasonality on Flight Delays

Salisu Alhaji Uba, Ibrahim Labaran Ali and Ian Robert Whitfield

An assessment of the role of organisational culture in the implementation of Blockchain technology in supply chain.

Stephen King

Agenda 2030: An Involuntary National Review Perceived Sincerity in Supporting, Implementing and Reporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals: a case of UK Gov

Umar Farouk Abdulkarim, Lawal Mohammed and Lawal Ibrahim

Effect of firm specific characteristics and interest rate on lease financing of listed consumer goods companies in Nigeria

Akinori Minazuki and Hidehiko Hayashi

A Study of Supported System for Long-distance Movement Maternity

Radhika Menon and Rekha Ramu

Impact of Cross Culture on Women's Empowerment in Hospitality Industry

Jacinta Dsilva and Jeremy B Williams

Can Dubai become the world’s most sustainable city?

Sudipa Majumdar and Rashita Puthiya

Role of Information Asymmetry in Sukuk issuance – an empirical analysis of the bond Market in the United Arab Emirates

Michael Kloep

Current Factors Contributing to the Success of Supply Chain Management Entrepreneurs (Preliminary Findings of a Literature Review)

Jessica Bellingham

When West meets Middle East: understanding how unexpected employee attitudes toward the workplace emerge from situations of crossvergence to reveal a missing link in values evolution.


Networking lunch - Block 17 – Room 007

Wednesday 15 January 2020


Panel Session – Mobility (Oasis Theatre, Block 16)

Moderator - Michael Stockdale

Panel members - Janya Chanchaichujit, Prakash Rao, Muddassir Ahmed and Ghanim Wogayeh


Tea Break - Block 17 – Room 007


Block 17 - Room 008Block 17 - Room 011Block 17 - Room 012Block 17 - Room 013
Session B1Session B2Session B3Session B4

Madduma Hewage Ruchira Sandeepanie, Dinoka Perera, Lasanthika Sajeewanie and Prasadini Gamage

Impact of Talent Management Practices on Perceived Employer Branding and the Role of Psychological Contract, Generational Cohort and Occupational Stress: Conceptual Model Development for the Sri Lankan IT and Software Service Sector

Mohammad Jebreel and Jeremy B Williams

Is social impact reporting helpful? A review of current impact investment reporting frameworks

Louise Edensor

The Native Companion: E. J. Brady's 'home-grown' literature and Modernist aesthetics

Avneet Kaur, Asima Shirazi and Jaspreet Singh Sethi

Enhancement of Student Performance and Motivation through Gamification

Mohit Yadav

Influence of LMX and job stress on service quality of police personnel: A Moderated Mediation Model with Job satisfaction and Social Support

Jemma V Williams and Jeremy B Williams

Why nature must be valued but not priced

Sophie Azoury

Who I am: Examining the Way Students Construct their Sense of Self Through Narratives of Ill Physical Health

Faiza Umar and Siobhan McNiff

The efficacy of integrating various pedagogical approaches to customise learner support in a British university in the UAE.

Clea D'Souza, Ashley Paulson, Vineeta Aroz, Somer Rodrigues, Zainab Udaipurwala, Fadhila Mohideen, Tisha Virani, Sachi Kariappa, Hafseena Bind Ashraf, Tanvi Telang, Aishwarya Patil and Nishtha Lamba

Impact of Cross-cultural friendships and Residency status on Socio-cultural development and Social cynicism

Deena Kassab, Mohammed Ahmed Alghamdi, Reem Motie Fleifel and Jacinta Dsilva

Is healthcare Industry contributing to sustainability?

David Tully

Compulsions: Richard Fleischer's Cinema of Crime

Thomas Mc Donagh

Right to Education

Izdihar Alssrouri and Jeremy B. Williams 
Tackling plastic pollution: Could a social impact investment strategy rehabilitate a corporation like Nestlé?

Amani Omer

A Club Model of Biodiversity, Climate and Productivity Enhancement in Agro-ecosystems

Rebecca Keogh

Media Representations of Land Clearing in Northern Queensland: An Eco linguistic Discourse Analysis

Meike Schulte

The Gap between Theory and Practice and the Gap between Education and Management- An Alignment of Misalignments

Jyothi Kumar

Economic Sustainability: Technical efficiency analysis of the critical factors influencing long term profitability.

Ali Rehan and Jelena Janjusevic

Market synchronicity, Impact of oil price volatility on stock market Index









Foyer, Block 16



Plenary Session Opportunity 1: “Inclusive Education in Dubai Private School Sector”

Sean Pavitt, Director of inclusive education programmes, Knowledge and Human Development Authority

Plenary Session Opportunity 2: “Expanding Opportunities at the Top: Compensation, Diversity, and Innovation in the C-Suite and Corporate Boards”

Dr Virginia Bodolica, Professor, American University of Sharjah & The Said T. Khoury Chair of Leadership Studies

Oasis Theatre, Block 16

10.30 -11.00

Tea Break - Block 17 – Room 007



Block 17 - Room 008Block 17 - Room 011Block 17 - Room 012Block 17 - Room 013
Session C1Session C2Session C3Session C4

Nidhi Sehgal and Saboohi Nasim

Graduates’ perception on the predictors of employability in information technology sector

Aneta Pawłowska-Legwand and Mirosław Mika

DMOs & ICT: New approach to promote a destination in Poland. Regional perspective on promoting destinations via digital tools

Qussai Jamal Serhan and Vijay Pujari

Influence of Digital Platforms in the Food & Beverage sector of UAE

Nariman Maalouf and Jeremy B Williams

An Environmentally Safe, Socially Just Operating Space for Humanity: An Insurance Industry Perspective

Murtala Sale

Non-formal education programs and public enlightenment in the effective attainment of youth skills acquisition in Faskari local government, Katsina State, Nigeria

Isabel Giannina Feldbauer and Heather Jeffrey

They are not all the same: Muslim women and tourism

Jeffrey Siekpe-Sambo and Aurore Kamssu

Exploring Major Trends in Information and Communication Technology

Neeharika Senthilkumar, Neeru Sood,Trupti Gokhale and Mrutuyanjaya Sahu

Bioethics and Biosafety Policies and Practices in UAE: A Critical Review

Syed Ali Husain and Mohammad Ali Meraj

Open for Talent: Understanding mobility and motivation of expatriate teachers coming to the UAE

Magdalena Kubal-Czerwińska

Do We Still Have Space for Living?: Tourism and the Everyday Life of Residents – Perspectives from Krakow, Poland

Mahima Parnami

Towards A Model Of Optimizing Carbon Emissions In The Data Centre And Cloud Design: A Green Cloud Broker Perspective

Jamilu Mohammed and Leon Moller

How sustainable is Nigeria’s effort of ending gas flaring and unlocking gas potentials – A review of the country’s anti-gas flaring legal and policy frameworks.

Torpev Terver Francis

Family Stability: A Panacea for Sustainable Business Enterprise and Graduate Employability in Nigeria

Sreejith Balasubramanian, Supriya Kaitheri, Krishnadas Nanath, Sony Sreejith and Cody Paris

Leveraging Smart Technologies for Connected Tourist Experiences – The Case of Dubai

Iman Saeed, Sarah Baras, Wedad Ahmed and Modafar Ati

Privacy and Security in Smart Home

Anita Baku

SDG 8, Local Authority and Informal Sector Worker Occupational Safety in Two Urban Local Authorities in Ghana

Thursday 16 January 2020


Poster Presentation – Block 16, Foyer

Archana Raghavan and Nishtha Lamba

-Exploring Shyness and Social Interaction in Women: A Mixed-Methods Study

Ajab Mustafa and Aditi Bhatia

-“I can go through this myself”: Exploring the barriers and facilitators towards seeking help for mental health in South Asian male youth

Marco Kilada and Anita Shrivastava Kashi

-Impact of Social Role in Aggressive Behaviour on Subjective Well-being and Internalising Symptoms in Young Adults

Shahid Mustafa

-Towards a Model for Performance Evaluation of Cloud Machines

Darsa Madhusudanan, Faiza Abdul Aziz, Aiyda Binth Shafi, Mahnoor Abbasi, Safa Ahmed and Sumayya Abdul Salam

- The Effect of Instagram Usage on Life Satisfaction and Healthy Eating Attitudes

Hanan Chaaibi

- The Securitization of Migration in the EU and the UK

Khadija Abubakar

-The Politics of Diversity and Inclusivity; Quotas, Affirmative Action, Structural Change vs the Discourse of Representation

*Poster presenters should be present at 11:30am to set up their posters


Networking lunch –Block 17 – Room 007


Block 17 - Room 008Block 17 - Room 011Block 17 - Room 012Block 17 - Room 013
Session D1Session D2Session D3Session D4

Special Session

Moderator – Alun Epps

Panellists - Matthew Brown, Krishnadas Nanath, Lynda Hyland, and Rim Hamacha.

101010 - An ınterdıscıplınary philosophical dıscussıon of the dıgıtal answer for mınors to the ultimate questıon of lıfe, the unıverse and everythıng

Deepak Singh, Balvinder Shukla and Manoj Joshi

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence: The next generation of Entrepreneurial Innovation by Lean Startups

Jyotheeswar Adhi and Sudipa Majumdar

Impact of abenomics on the Japanese banking sector

Huma Shaafie

Green Accounting in UAE: Current Status and Future Trends

Sameer Kishore, Daniel Freeman, Polly Haselton, Jason Freeman, Bernhard Spanlang, Emily Albery, Megan Denne, Poppy Brown, Mel Slater and Alecia Nickless

Automated psychological therapy using immersive virtual reality for treatment of fear of heights: a single-blind, parallel-group, randomised controlled trial

Achintha Nirman Senanayake and Pallavi Kishore

The effect of Non-Interest Income on Banks profitability in top 23 publicly listed banks in GCC Region

Anqi Liu

Positioning of Consumers in the Value Chain of Green Economy: A Cross Case Analysis of Listed Companies and Social Enterprises in China

Chinnu George

Review of Source and Sink Node privacy preservation techniques in Wireless sensor networks

Zainab Lawan Gwadabe, Maryam Lawan Gwadabe and Fatima Usman Sabo

Impact of social media marketing on micro and small businesses in Kano state

Sameer Mathur

The influence of Green Globe Certification and Sustainability Investments on Hotel Rents in Dubai

Bhumika Gambhir

Artificial intelligence and automation in the accounting and finance sector: analysis of the skillsets required for the future job market


Sony Sreejith and Bushra Khan

Green Human Resource Management: From a Literature Review to a Conceptual Framework


Tea Break - Block 17 – Room 007



Block 17 - Room 008Block 17 - Room 011Block 17 - Room 012Block 17 - Room 013
Session E1Session E2Session E3Session E4

Aparna Bhat and Neeta Inamdar

In Quest of Integration: Diasporic Organizations’ Negotiations with State for a ‘Fairer’ Presence

Musa Shuaibu

Role of perceived leader integrity on teachers’ organizational commitment among teachers of senior secondary school in Nigeria: an exploratory study

Fawaz Alrofiai

Existential phenomenology of workplace stress and the aid of narrative – identity configurations to employees well – being

Tarek El Kassar

The Impact of Listening and Questioning Coaching Skills on Salespeople’s Performance: An Exploratory Action Research in a Multinational Organisation

Isabel Giannina Feldbauer

Connecting political ideology with destination image perception and intention to visit: a European case study

Rita Gevorgyan

Stakeholders Involvement In Strategic Planning and Implementation Process: A Case study of Armenian State Pedagogical University

Nada Alzara and Mohamed Ben Moussa

Understanding Online Selfie Behaviors and Perceptions Among Emirati youth

Amal Saad

Can Diversity Help You Sell? Examining the Internal and External Impact of Diversity on B2B Sales people in the GCC.

Zara Canbary

Consumption response to unanticipated changes in income: Gambling Gains

Bagudu Alhaji AdamuandYusuf Alhaji Yusuf

Investigation into the factors responsible for poor performance of public secondary students in mathematics examinations in Katsina local government area of Katsina state Nigeria

Orchida Fayez Ismail

Paper Title: The Rise of Emoji and GIFs: A Unique Participatory Culture Embodied in the Visual Digital Dynamics of Human Expressions on Social Media

Yahaya Sani

Role of Technology in Enhancing Rural Entrepreneurs in the attainment of Sustainable Competitive Advantage. A study from Selected Enterprises in Jigawa State, Nigeria

Bilqis Amole, Sulaimon Adebiyi and Olamilekan Oyenuga

Multi-criteria decision analysis of supply chain practices and firms performance in Nigeria

Garba Musa

Business educators’ perceptions on entrepreneurship skills for business education graduates on socio-economic development in North east Nigeria

Anthony Murphy

The impact of gender dyad and types of coercive control on UAE students' judgments of seriousness and blame

Mariam Aslam and Jasmine Stephen

Impact of using derivatives as hedging instruments on banks in India and the UAE: A comparative study


Andrew Mackenzie, Rory McConnon andLynda Hyland

Faculty and Student Experiences of an Integrated Curriculum in a University Transition Programme Module

Mitanshi Dhanwani & Aditi Bhatia

Understanding Health Related Quality of Life among University Students in the U.A.E: The Role of Happiness, Resilience and Gender Differences

Rubia Qamar and Sudipa Majumdar

Impact of data analytics on increasing the sales of e-commerce business in UAE


Gala dinner – Fairmont Hotel, The Palm.







Registration - Foyer, Block 16


Block 17 - Room 008Block 17 - Room 011Block 17 - Room 012Block 17 - Room 013
Session F1Session F2Session F3Session F4

Salima Hamouche and Alain Marchand

Work-related psychological distress: the role of human resource management practices

Sony Sreejith

Managing Organizational Change in a Multigenerational Setting: Towards a Conceptual Framework

Yousef Al Sadi and Michael Kloep

SME's Access to Finance

Neelofer Mashood and Vijaya Kumar

Sustainable Assessment: Learning beyond Assessment

Sulaimon Olanrewaju Adebiyi, Bilqis Bolanle Amole and Olamilekan Gbenga Oyenuga

Modeling the determinants of tax avoidance and compliance among small and medium scale enterprises using analytical hierarchy process

Aloysha Mendonca and Faizul Haque

Impact of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Financial Performance, Risk-Taking and Basel Compliance of Islamic Banks

Lavesh Bhatia, Nikita Bhatia and Reham Salman

Rural Empowerment

Angelique Van Tonder and Nishtha Lamba

You are not alone: Support structures available to mothers with children with Autism.

Uzairu Abdu Garki

MDGs and Poverty Eradication Program in Garki Local Government Area Jigawa State, Nigeria: Lesson for the SDGs

Edward Bace

Sustainable Banking: The Pivotal Role of Liquidity Management

Aditya Singh Rathaur, Siddhartha Mahendra and Mrutuyanjaya Sahu

The Amazons of the Business World: Research Review and Further Directions

Abubakar Muhammad Bagudo

Entrepreneurial Attitudes among Nigerian Students: The Role of Entrepreneurship Education

Danladi Bashir

The effects of Corruption on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1999-2016)

Abdulsalam Waheed Abdulfatah

Tourprenuer: A window of promoting innovation and creativity for job creation in Nigeria.



Tea Break - Block 17 – Room 007


Panel Session – Sustainability (Oasis Theatre, Block 16)

Moderator - Rory McConnon & Lynda Hyland

Panel members - Matteo Boffa, Edward Bace, Amit Kapoor and Namrata Balwani


Networking lunch; best paper awards; close of conference – Block 17 - Room 007