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Accounting, Finance, and Economics


The aim of this track is to advance the knowledge in the field of accounting, finance, and economics. As accounting is experiencing significant changes in standards and regulations, there is a need to debate on those changes before standards are put in place. Researchers and academics need to address these issues by carrying out rigorous and scientific studies using appropriate methodologies. Finance, on the other hand, has always seen developments in financial products and services, and hence, emergence of more susceptible financial system needs a solicitous discussion. The field of economics is dynamic. As the world moves on from the difficulties of the great recession, new challenges now face economists. We hope to foster discussion and debate in this track of the ERPBSS conference. 

Although we are open to any submission that is aligned with the goals of the conference and this track, we encourage submissions relating to the following themes:

  • Financial reporting standards- changing dynamics
  • Emergence of more ethical standards in accounting and auditing
  • Financial markets volatility: causes, effects and remedial measures
  • Growing demand of Islamic products and services – opportunities and challenges
  • Foreign direct investment and risks
  • Corporate restructuring and valuation
  • Investment decisions and portfolio construction
  • Corporate governance structure
  • Financial risk management practices
  • Economic theory and applications
  • Looking back: Lessons learned from the Great Recession
  • Behavioural economics
  • Economics of education
  • Political economy
  • International economics

Submission and Registration

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