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UAE and DIFC Employment Law

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START DATE 27 January 2020

Block 17, Room 012

END DATE 27 January 2020

10- week course 27 January – 6 April 2020

Middlesex University invites legal and other professionals with an interest in employment law to attend a 10-week course on UAE and DIFC Employment law taught by distinguished legal experts in the field. Each 2-hour session offers 1 CLPD point.

Aims of the course

This course aims to provide an understanding of the way in which employment relationships are regulated in the UAE, through an analysis of the basic elements of the UAE Labour Law and the DIFC Employment Law, which respectively govern employment relationships in the UAE and the DIFC free zone that operates in Dubai.  The course assesses the practical applications of the employment contract on the employment relationship and the practical impact of statutory rights. It also provides an understanding of the manner in which the employment relationship is formed and varied and creates awareness of how the law affects workplace rules and procedures relating to employment protection. The course encourages a critical approach to legal regulation and focuses on the unique double-jurisdictional context of Dubai allowing participants to evaluate and undertake a comparison of two employment law structures that co-exist in Dubai.

The course covers the following topics:


  • Types of Contract – Fixed and Indefinite, Terms express and implied
  • Working time and Pay – Overtime, Sick pay, Ramadan hours, Leave, Holiday pay, Allowances, Benefits and Deductions
  • Family friendly rights
  • Recent Ministerial Decrees in the UAE and overview of changes in the DIFC Employment Law
  • Discrimination, harassment in the workplace
  • Case studies on DIFC Employment Law
  • Case studies on UAE Employment Law
  • Termination under UAE Federal Labour Law – Conduct, Performance, Arbitrary dismissal, Article 120 summary dismissal
  • Termination under DIFC Employment Law – Notice, termination for cause Article 63
  • Post-employment restrictions in UAE and DIFC

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Learning and Teaching Strategies

The course will be delivered through interactive lectures held weekly within a two-hour timetabled slot, during which participants will be provided with an interactive exploration of UAE and DIFC relevant cases.Prior to each session, students will be given preliminary directed reading and will be expected to prepare for the lectures and participate in the discussions, where appropriate. 

Course Timetable

The course will start on 27 January 2020 and will be completed by 6 April 2020.
The sessions are to be held on Mondays at 6.30-8.30pm at Middlesex University Dubai Campus in Knowledge Park, Block 17, Room 012.


Participants who complete the course will be awarded a certificate of completion by Middlesex University Dubai. Lawyers will get 10 CLPD points. 


The fee for the full course is AED 5,000

Delegates may choose to attend individual sessions. Fee: 800AED (1 CLPD point)

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