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Student Learning Assistants

Support Services - Dyslexia

Student Learning Assistants (SLA) are senior students (2nd and 3rd year) whose role is to assist lecturers and tutors in IFP and 1st year classrooms. Often they work with small groups within the class and, alongside the lecturers, help them complete specific tasks. The SLAs have excellent academic records and are recommended by their Lecturers and Campus Programme Coordinators as having a mature attitude towards independent learning. Students who are successfully selected to be SLAs undergo initial training and are closely monitored during their participation in the scheme.

Aside from in-class assistance, the services of the SLAs are also available to enrolled students outside of their scheduled sessions. These students can provide valuable peer-to-peer assistance as, often, they have studied and excelled in the same assignments that current students face. In order to book an SLA, please contact our Student Support Coordinator, Suzannah Fernandes at

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