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Support Services - Counselling

During the course of your studies at Middlesex, if you encounter personal or emotional difficulties, you can consult our professional counsellor confidentially. Counselling involves one or more meetings with your counsellor in a safe and confidential setting.You will have the time and space to discuss difficulties in your life which may be interfering with your ability to study and enjoy your time as a student. Students come to counselling for all sorts of reasons but generally it is a good idea to seek help before things start to feel unmanageable. Counselling can give you the opportunity to talk and think things through with someone from outside your social circle. This can feel both supportive and also offer the possibility of developing a fresh perspective on your difficulties.

The University’s counsellor, Dr George Kaliaden is a qualified clinical psychologist, experienced in working with young people. You can make an appointment to see him at the Reception Desk in the Foyer or you can drop in during his available hours without an appointment. For more information, call 04 3678100 or email

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