Centre for Academic Success
Centre for Academic Success

Cite Them Right & Grammarly

Cite Them Right

Learning how to reference correctly is an extremely important step towards achieving academic success. Here at Middlesex University Dubai, different referencing systems are used for various programmes. Law students are urged to use OSCOLA, psychology students refer to APA, whereas students enrolled on other programmes use the Harvard referencing style. In order to provide students with the correct referencing guidelines, the University offers its students free access to ‘Cite Them Right’ – an online platform with a complete guide to the referencing systems used at the University. Students who access the site remotely will need to ensure they are logged onto their MyUniHub. Students who access through a University computer will be automatically directed here.

For further information on how to access Cite Them Right Online, please click on this link to access the self-help leaflet.


Grammarly is an automated grammar tutor and revision support tool that works one-on-one with the student to develop essential writing skills, reinforce proper revision habits and helps to identify and correct errors in writing.

All Middlesex University Dubai students have free access to Grammarly’s Premium account. To create your individual account, please follow the steps below:

  • log on to:https://www.grammarly.com/edu/signup.(this is important because if you use the regular grammarly .com website, it will create a free account. To get the Premium account you need to click on the ‘edu’ link above)
  • When prompted for an e-mail address, use your Middlesex e-mail address only.
  • Choose any password
  • Click on the confirmation link that you receive in your inbox.
  • You are all set!