Advanced Placement & Transfer of Credits

Middlesex University Dubai welcomes students who have completed one or more years of study at a recognised university, college or higher education (HE) institution who have earned academic credits in approved post-secondary qualifications. ‘Pre-accreditation’ is what the University calls our process for transferring credits. Most of our Undergraduate Programmes accept entrants onto the second and third year. In addition, we offer a number of top-up programmes which cover the third year of Bachelor’s degrees and are specifically designed for applicants wishing to progress from HNDs or following the second year of a standard Bachelor’s degree programme.

Students should be aware that the University does not offer pre-accreditation for the International Foundation Programme or for Postgraduate Programmes.

All applicants must meet the standard entry criteria for Middlesex University Dubai. Students seeking pre-accreditation should provide comprehensive information which will enable us to determine suitability for credit transfer. This includes:

  • Curriculum and syllabus details
  • Certificates of completion of programme (if applicable)
  • Statement showing credits gained and grades/marks achieved
  • An explanation of the grading system

Suitability for credit transfer onto one of our Undergraduate Programmes will be assessed on an individual basis by our academics and based on consideration of the following:

  • Compatibility of the learning outcomes of previous study with that of Middlesex University Dubai programmes and modules
  • Academic achievement – the grades on the transcripts for Higher Education level credits will be particularly significant
  • Academic reference and personal statements
  • The presence of an articulation and/or progression agreements between the University and the student’s previous institution (see below information on Articulation Agreements)

If the University is unable to offer a student a place on their chosen programme, an alternative offer will be made for their consideration.


Where a programme offers recognition by a professional body, such recognition may not extend to students entering at an advanced point of entry unless the professional body accepts the prior qualification as meeting their requirements.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements have been reached with several colleges and higher education institutes to facilitate the transfer process for students who have completed certain post-secondary qualifications. If a student has completed various stages of their studies with one of the following organisations, please contact our Admissions Department for further details:

  • Association of Computer Professionals (ACP)
  • Association of Business Executives (ABE)
  • BTEC
  • IMIS
  • Informatics

*Middlesex University Dubai enables APTECH students to enter either Year 2 or Year 3 of BSc Information Technology or BSc Business Information Systems.

APTECH students entering into Year 3 are able to redeem a 20% scholarship towards the total tuition fees.*

APTECH students entering into Year 2 are able to redeem a 10% scholarship towards the total tuition fees.*

*Please be aware that the year of entry is dependent on the programme studied at APTECH. All scholarships and grants offered by the University are subject to approval.