University Regulations
University Regulations

Academic Integrity and Misconduct-Policy and Procedures

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is a quality that demonstrates values such as honesty, fairness and respect for others and their work. Academic integrity is evident by the behaviours we exhibit.

In order to demonstrate academic integrity, you must be able to demonstrate for example originality (independent thinking) and criticality (critical thinking), which you will be supported to develop whilst you complete your studies.

You will demonstrate academic integrity by producing your own work, clearly acknowledging any material that has been included from other sources or through collaboration.

Students must also present their own findings, conclusions or data based on appropriate and ethical practice.

Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct is a breach of the values of academic integrity, and can occur when a student cheats in an assessment, or attempts to deliberately mislead an examiner that the work presented is their own when it is not. It includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, self-plagiarism, commissioning or buying work from a third party or copying the work of others, breach of examination rules, collusion etc.

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