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Fashion Design students triumph at Fashion Revolution UAE for second year running


We're celebrating another Team Middlesex Fashion Revolution UAE victory for a second year in a row!

Middlesex University Dubai would like to wish a huge Congratulations to our first year Fashion Design students Aleena Sudheer and Aysha Nargis for taking second place in the Fashion Revolution UAE Student Competition yesterday at Times Square Center, Dubai on Sunday 24th May.

This is an incredible achievement, and we are so proud of all our students who took part and benefitted from this amazing opportunity to showcase their talents and designs to industry and learn more about the importance of sustainability in Fashion Design.

All our BA Fashion Design Students who took part are:

  • Eisha Amir
  • Tanya Saldanha, Nisa Huitron and Shabana Basheer
  • Aleena Sudheer and Aysha Nargis

We asked our winners Aleena and Aysha about their victory, the importance of sustainable fashion, and what inspired their fantastic and original collection. They said:

“Our theme for Fashion Revolution was sci-fi. Our whole idea was based on creating a new life and new planet, which is what we think sustainability is. Our whole story is about three scientists who discover that there is a new life possible on a completely different planet, so they time travel to this planet to see what life would look like after a couple of years. This is what we have tried to show through our designs. The materials that we’ve collected are mainly from thrift stores. We’ve collected thrifted curtains and tailor scraps from university to create these beautiful designs.”

A group of our faculty led by Vaishali Raj, Head of Fashion Design at Middlesex University Dubai attended the event to support our talented students. Vaishali said:

“Sustainable fashion is currently still a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion concerns more than just addressing fashion textiles or products.

“It addresses the entire manner in which clothing is produced, who produces it, and how long the life span of a product is before it reaches landfill. Such changes seen in the entire supply chain and responsible consumer choices will combat the large carbon footprint that the fashion industry and fast fashion have created, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that add to air pollution, water pollution and overall climate change. This could possibly prevent millions of premature deaths over the next century. Sustainability in fashion is no longer a choice. It is an absolute mandatory requirement in design development today.

“Hence, future change-makers and emerging designers at the Middlesex University Dubai Icon studio pursuing BA (Hons) Fashion Design are tasked with incorporating this concept into their module coursework. We sow the seeds of change into these young minds.”

Learn more about our BA (Honours) Fashion Design programme here.

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