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MDX visits Etihad Museum


Etihad museum is one of UAE’S newest places to find a splendid blend of technology and history. From holograms of historic moments to caves of knowledge to sophisticated restaurants, Etihad museum truly delivers a holistic educational experience. 

On May 13, in association with the Mdx Student Activities department and Ministry of Youth, our international students from the January cohort went on a tour of the new ETIHAD museum along with various universities’ students, who were also invited. Students, under the supervision of our two Student Council members, Jahanvi Bhatia and Shivani Mathur were given a tour of the museum by a lovely and lively Emirati guide.

We saw artefacts and heard various facts about UAE’s history, culture and heritage. For me personally, the segment about the various sorts of passports and the evolution of currency was new and interesting information about the country we call home.

After the museum tour, we were taken to the authentic Emirate cuisine restaurant Al Fanar in Jumeirah. We had various Emirati snacks along with my personal favourite, Emarati coffee. The intellectual Emirati people from MEET THE EMIRATIS hosted our table and explained Emirati cuisine and even answered other questions that we had regarding the tradition of UAE. 

This was a pleasant segment where different heritages came together and exchanged ideas and shared with one another the cultural of their home country. All in all, this was a rewarding day of meeting peers, absorbing new ideas and coming closer to understanding the traditions and the UAE culture, history and heritage. 

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