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The World is the New Classroom : Middlesex University Dubai Students Visit Singapore



Middlesex University Dubai’s BA Honours International Tourism Management students took an eight day long field trip to Singapore as part of their Researching People and Places class. Singapore is one of Asia’s top tourist destinations with over 12 million tourists visiting in 2014.

Twenty   students  were part in this  to do research on different perceptions related to the tourism industry. In the field, students developed new skills and apply learning from the classroom to real world problems, the world becomes the classroom.


Dr. Cody Morris Paris, Associate Professor, said “Experiential learning is a critical part of educational experience, particularly for a field of study like Tourism.  The field trip allowed students to have tangible experiences upon which they could reflect and connect to their in class learning. In addition, this fieldtrip was designed to provide them hands on experience of conducting field research including participant observations, interviewing, and visual research methods, while also have a fun and creating lasting memories” 


Ms. Lulu Baddar, Campus Programme Coordinator for the International Tourism Management Programme said: “field trips  make a huge contribution to student learning it provides an opportunity to explore the hotels, event venues, visitor attractions and cultural sites. Moreover, the trip focuses on a number of interlinked themes,  discourses and practices of development; social, cultural and environmental aspects of the visited destination. Students spend 8 days critically examining contemporary issues and debates about environment and development”. 


The field trip offers students  an opportunity to engage with the faculty, to learn, and to have fun while doing it. Luma Dorwish a student said: “Singapore is a connected bridge between culture and creativity. The experience of visiting it is a journey to self-discovery.  Conducting research in Singapore, has given me the opportunity to observe what’s around me and explore the smallest details of the trip”. Shaikh Fahid one of the students who also attended the trip said: “It’s not the destination, it’s about the journey and the people you travel with –it’s a trip of a lifetime and memories to cherish”.



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