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Middlesex University Celebrates National/International Day In Style.


Middlesex University Dubai marked the 42nd anniversary of the UAE with a day-long celebration on campus, which included performances, food and exhibits from all over the world. With the UAE being home to more than 160 nationalities, the celebration was a tribute to the generosity of the country, as well as its diversity. For a whole day, the campus was full of buzz and excitement shared by students, their friends and families, and staff.

The “National/ International Day” at Middlesex University Dubai took place on December 5, 2013. The event celebrated many themes: UAE National Day, EXPO 2020 and Middlesex University 9th anniversary. There were  more than 30  countries participating in the event, i.e. UAE , Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan,  Sudan, Turkmenistan , Zimbabwe, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia , UK , Bahrain, Vietnam,  Sri Lanka,  Algeria, Philippines,  Angola, Gambia, Somalia, Tajikistan, Malawi, Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, India, Greece, Bangladesh and Tanzania. The day reflected the cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic nature of the university. Students presented their stalls in a way which reflected their country’s culture and heritage, particularly through such items as food, music, national costume, books and pictorial representations. There were professional shows and shows that were organised by Middlesex University Students- amazing in house talent. There was Lebanese Dabke performance and Dubai Drums pulled a great show. In addition to this the music club and the drama club had more than 14 performances all together in addition to a very colourful fashion show that was called the Nation’s Parade. The event was open to all Knowledge Village students and staff.  The celebrations started at around 10:30 and ended at 5:00 pm.

The event was organised and managed by Ms Lulu Baddar, Lecturer at the university. Commenting on the event, Professor Raed Awamleh, Director of Middlesex University Dubai, said: “’The National and International Day celebrations were a fantastic expression of the hospitality and cultural diversity of the UAE. This event also demonstrates some of our most dominant values as a university, and these include openness, inclusiveness, and respect.” 

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