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Mental Health Awareness Week

Implications for student wellbeing and achievement

10th – 14th October 2021

Looking after your emotional wellbeing is just as important as safeguarding your physical health, but many people still find it difficult to talk about how they are really feeling.

Our Student Activities team and Wellness Office have come together for World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10th October to organise a week-long programme of activities, 'Mental Health Awareness Week', which is dedicated to reducing the stigma around student mental health in a safe, open and inclusive environment.

Remember: if you’re struggling, you're never alone. There is always someone who can help. The programme will also raise awareness of the support services you can reach out to at MDX Dubai if you ever need to talk to someone.

Thursday 14th October

15.00-16.00 (UAE) | Online

MDX Research Seminar: Wellness predictors of achievement

Lynda Hyland, Sreejith Balasubramanian, and Tenia Kyriazi

MDX Dubai’s Wellness Office seeks to examine multiple aspects of the broader student experience to inform evidence-based well-being initiatives grounded in the student community's needs. In this presentation, the Wellness Office research team will share some preliminary insights from a project into student well-being. We will report the background and findings from one part of this mixed-method study initiated in early 2021. In this study, we collected data from 389 undergraduate and IFP students (mean age = 20.61; SD = 4.58), representing 53 nationalities. We administered a battery of standardised tests focusing on psychological constructs (e.g., anxiety, stress, depressive symptoms, procrastination), along with measures of academic outcomes, and demographic characteristics. While data analysis is ongoing, in this seminar we will discuss how procrastination has emerged as an important construct in student performance and how it mediates the well-being-performance relationship. We invite input from our colleagues, students, and guests regarding future research directions.

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Event Resources and Downloads

Please find below the links to view session recordings and access the interesting and insightful content shared related to the topics covered during Mental Health Awareness Week.


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