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Virtual Inclusivity Colloquium at Middlesex University Dubai

Virtual Inclusivity Colloquium

Supporting Students of Determination: Inclusion in a Blended Learning Environment


Date:  7th April 2021

Time: 3 - 4 pm (GST)

Platform: Go To Meeting (Register to receive the link)

This will be the third in our series of inclusivity events which have brought together student support and counselling professionals from across the UAE education sector since 2018.  The aim is to share our experiences and good practices for promoting INCLUSIVITY in UAE Universities, with the focus in 2021 on maintaining outstanding inclusion practices in the ‘new normal’ blended learning environment.  

We have now lived through over a year in the altered educational and work environment brought about by Covid-19.  Many students of determination and their teachers have highlighted the fact that their learning has been impacted during this time. We aim to explore the unique challenges that have been posed, offer strategies and finally provide a review on these initiatives with respect to the inclusivity agenda.

Our Objectives:

  • To provide participants with a valuable insight into the particular challenges faced by students of determination in the blended/online learning environment
  • To enable students to share their strategies for coping 
  • To provide an understanding of universities’ aspiration to maintain and promote inclusivity in HE during the pandemic. 
  • To encourage the students and staff from universities who attend to become inclusion champions within their respective institutions and share good practice.

The Format

  • 45 Minutes: A panel of invited experts and students of determination will share their experience of the impact of the ‘new’ learning environment upon students of determination
  • 15 minutes : Q&A

Ian McNiff
Group Director of Schools, Athena Education.

Will share his story as a person of determination and update attendees with the schools perspective and Athena initiatives which foster inclusivity


3 Students
Students of Determination

The students will outline challenges they have faced and some strategies that have helped them with their studies


Nora Tahir
Student Support Counsellor

Nora will highlight how the mental health of students of determination has been impacted during COVID 19 and will share strategies to cope.


Siobhan McNiff
Learning Support Counselor

Siobhan will follow up the students’ contributions, outlining strategies MDX has implemented to maintain inclusivity. She will invite attendees to spread the message; how students can be inclusive and promote understanding of difference on their respective campuses.


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